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Google keeps updating its SEO policy and laws, therefore it is good to evaluate or revise your SEO plan time to time. This is not a very complicated task as mostly there are not big changes, just simple ones. As you make new year resolutions for your personal life so should you for your business goals and think of new and better ways to fulfill your desires and achieve business goals. If you are wondering about new SEO trends in 2017, we have a content that can matter for creating or developing successful SEO strategy.

Famous and popular niche:

It is the most important factor for both SEO points of view as well as from traffic point of view. It is very important that you spend most of your time finding the best topic for your blog or website but once you have chosen any particular it is not good to deviate from it. The next step after choosing your niche or topic is creating quality and unique content. Creating quality and unique content is equally as important as finding most relevant niche. Another important thing is identifying the type of your audience. It is important to know your audience as only then you can create that can have value for them.

Tips for creating more value to your blog or content:

  • ·         Take a thorough look at your current content and find most popular topics.
  • ·         Brain storm about your audience and what might they want from you.
  • ·         Keep a closer look at what your competitors are doing.
  • ·         You can expand your niche if it is useful for your site traffic.

Provide better browsing experience:

  •   User experience is also an important ranking factor when it comes to SEO in 2017. Google takes bounce rate very seriously and therefore you should build your site and content this way that it compels them to spend more time at your blog or website. It is important to take serious steps to make visitors spend more time on your site. Here are some points that you should consider:
  •        Fix and remove any broken or false links from your website.
  •        Internally link all your important web pages both from homepage and landing pages.
  •        Improve you website and page loading speed.
  •       Make your site or blog mobile friendly. Google is putting much emphasis on its AMP program and so should you to make your blog or website responsive.
  • Content is the king:

Your content is the most important thing which can make or break anything and determine success or failure of your SEO plan. Be sure to use totally unique content for your blog and be sure to update it regularly. Your content not only can provide you loyal audience but also benefit your SEO plan in many ways.

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