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Mobile app development is a thorough process that starts from a mere idea and never ends even after its launch. After its production, an app goes through lots of changes that helps it to stay dynamic, new and versatile on the block. So, before you go out for app development, consider the following facts below:

Mobile App Development


The initial thing that can affect the development process of an app is the cost. Any basic app could cost you around $5000 – it totally depends on the features, efficiency, testing and other factors. However, you should know that the production has different phases and each phase takes on a lot of efforts and money to create the simplest app. Did we tell you that developers also bill per hour?

Production & Testing

After the app has been developed, it would require testing in various situations to ensure that it works robustly. Simulators are available for rigorous testing. However, you should test your app in the intended device(s) to test the efficacy of the application. This is particularly important because if you have opted for a native mobile app development, then you must run it on the particular operating system.


An app needs to have terms and conditions, and should abide by law. You need to draft a legal agreement to ensure that all payment and related processes are accordingly. The legal process will also ensure that the developer you have hired will complete the project and will take care of the application as per the terms and conditions.


The last but most important endeavour is to advertise the application – without it, the app won’t run out on different platforms. Be it review sites, video sites or social network platforms, you should provide coverage on all the platforms, even non-digital ones. Once your application receives attention from the concerned users, you’re good to go!

These mobile app development factors are always preceding and an integral part of this process.

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