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Whenever you open your email, it is quite common to find out some kind of promotional emails endorsing a product or a service. I hope, at some point in life, all of you have witnessed your ‘promotional mail’ inbox overflowing with emails.

This is because most of the business organizations have adopted the strategies of email marketing. Well, in this age of mobile marketing and social media ad campaigns, email marketing has become a reliable source of interacting with faraway clients.

Email marketing is not a new concept actually. It has come a long way since people were actually getting accustomed of emails. But, still, a new entrepreneur thinks twice before investing in an email marketing campaign.

This is because many of them think that email marketing is old fashioned and not that much appealing like mobile marketing. But no doubt, it is simply a wrong notion. With good content, including striking texts and attractive images and infographics, email marketing can be more appealing than any other form of marketing.

Why can email marketing suit your business?

As we all know, email is the easiest way to reach potential customers. Marketing through emails is reciprocal, simple & cost-friendly. Moreover, bulk emails can reach a huge number of targeted clients within a jiffy.

Nowadays, there are thousands of email marketing software & tools that will help the senders to send bulk emails to the subscribed receivers. So, for an entrepreneur, interacting through the emails to the new customers and keeping up a good relationship with the existing clients is easier and hassle-free.

Moreover, a cost-effective email marketing service facilitates to gear up your business by promoting it through the most commonly used technology.

Another factor that can influence the businessmen is that they can actually run an email marketing campaign within a low budget. All you have to subscribe your name as the sender in any email marketing system provider at a minimum cost and choose a particular plan before running the campaign.

The strategies you should take to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Most of the marketing campaigns become successful in adopting relevant strategies and proper planning. Email marketing is no exception. This is the pure calculative work on the campaigners’ part.

First Things First

Before choosing an email marketing campaign, the first thing that strikes the mind of the campaigners is the budget and whether they can get any discount on it.

Some questions that influence their decisions are whether their email address remains private or not, whether their emails go in the inbox or not, how often they can have to send emails to their customers. To come up with these confusions, the campaigners locate the targeted audience first and also evaluate the features of the products and the services they are going to endorse.

What To Send?

The content plays a vital role in this type of campaign. But you have to make the ultimate decision of what kind of contents you want to send. You may have certain choices to pick up, such as–

  •      Plain emails with texts & images in it, with the URL of the landing page.
  •      E-books, newsletters & white papers with an option of free downloading.
  •      Videos, cinematography, animations & GIF.
  •      The latest product or service update lists with notification features.

Skip The Spam Box

How will you feel when an email created after 2 months of experiment and hard work, goes into the spam box of the customers? Well, this is the fear of almost all the email campaigners.

But frankly, choosing a good email marketing service provider won’t save you from getting blocked by the ISPs. The risk reduces when the receivers add you to their contact list. But why will they do that? Here you have to take an initiative by instructing them at the top of your email. This helps you in getting whitelisted and your emails will be ensured of not getting blocked further.


No, you can’t expect that you will get a huge response from email marketing. But you can make it the reality by designing your emails more attractive and by jostling the call-to-action button in an optimized manner. But that’s not adequate.

The time gap between the two emails sent should be calculated too. It’s up to your targeted customers what they actually want. So, before starting a campaign, you should comprehend the psychology of your viewers. Thus comes the significance of the follow-up emails that is sent by the service providers after a few hours of sending the introductory email.

Setting An Autoresponder

An Autoresponder reminds the clients about the emails that have been sent by the senders. This is the feature every email marketing system provider has. It is basically sending a reminder mail that will give notifications to the receivers.

Segmenting The Entire Thing

Uncountable viewers unsubscribe the email subscription and few of them click on the call-to-action button. The click-through rate or CTR is counted on the basis of the clicks the clients have given.

The conversion rate, i.e., the clicks that are actually generated to sell is also a segment to be counted off. Therefore, senders should segment the database of clients with emails.

Sending an email is not a very big deal. But marketing through it is definitely a very big deal. Deploying this virtual contact system as one of the important marketing tools can take a lot of time and planning. But the advantages one can derive from it are huge too.

It points to the targeted customers

Email marketing focuses on the people who actually are targeted clients of that particular product or service. You can also control the potential audience by filtering your contacts on factors like location, lead status, demographics, or anything other. This enables the senders to send the emails of the customers’ interests, which influences the higher conversion rates and more sales.

Saves time, endeavor in a less messy manner

No doubt, email marketing is much easier than direct marketing. It definitely takes time, patience, and effort, but in less harassment. Creating a visualized email and running the campaign may take time, potential and planning, but in a much-relaxed manner, at least in comparison of the direct marketing.

Real-Time Interaction

As you’re sending the emails in real-time, the receivers are getting them within a jiffy. You can send birthday messages, anniversary messages and also congratulate on the independence day too. This enables real-time engagement and interaction, giving a chance to the senders to earn more revenue at a time.

Creates Brand Identity

Emails with personalized messages, catchy, crispy templates & smart design emphasizing on the business deals increase more potential customer engagement and augment the brand awareness. This helps to build a huge client cycle that can build more customers by referring the business in their circles.

Global Reach

Reaching a huge number of potential clients through bulk email service is the easiest thing for the entrepreneurs. Once you have segmented a targeted customer database, no matter wherever you go, your emails will be reached by them.

Cost Friendly Marketing Strategy

Generating ROI through email marketing is the major goal of most of the senders. This is seriously a budget-friendly marketing tool that is quite affordable for the businessmen who want to get rid of the additional costs of postage fees & advertisement charges.

In this age of digitization, depending on the direct marketing facilities may hamper the growth of your business. Endorsement through email campaigns may take time but will bring effective & fruitful results for sure. A little time investment on a daily basis and a good and thorough knowledge of this virtual media along with the marketing skills can bring success ASAP.

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