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The clothing industry is humungous, and it continues to grow. Globally the garment and textile industry is worth more than a billion-dollar. It has an impressive growth rate of around 4 percent. The growth rate of market segments such as womenswear and menswear is an impressive 12 percent and 14 percent. If you want to be successful in this industry, then you need to stand out from the rest of the lot. This writing aims to recommend six strategies that will help your clothing business to grow and bring in surplus revenue.

  • Surge your E-commerce with a mind-blowing website

When it comes down to generating surplus revenue from your clothing business, then you need to have a strong responsive website. Eminent retail chains are closing their lavish outlets, and the existing trend is heavily inclined towards online shopping. It implies that having a responsive, user-friendly website is vitally important for your customers. 

  • Successful clothing brands are crediting their achievements to the commitment of establishing themselves as a strong eCommerce brand.
  • They focus on the creation of a website like that tells volumes about the brand’s success.
  • It has been found that real-life models complement customers and mannequins in a better way when compared to other metrics concerning diction, headings, and images for determining the needs and preferences of customers. 
  1. Beginning a marketing campaign for which you care.

Although several large retail chains are closing their doors, still there are exceptions. In this regard, mention could be made to the brand Aerie belonging to the retail chain American eagle. The brand witnessed a 32 percent increase irrespective of the grim retail environment that contemporary mall stores are experiencing. 

The big question is how the brand Aerie managed to secure such immense growth since 2006. The answer lies in an excellent social media campaign. One of the offerings of the brand was Aerie Real that emphasized a commitment to understanding the needs and preferences of consumers through their promotional materials and ad campaigns underscored by the statements such as “the real you is beautiful”.  

The results were obvious the brand American Eagle in totality experienced surplus growth. Moreover, the new campaign had far-reaching consequences. The sales volume of Aeries increased by nine percent following the implementation of the campaign.

Now, these developments imply your clothing company. You need to find a message that will be speaking to you and your customers and promote it not only in social media but also in your advertising and marketing. There is a need that you build it not only in your branding but also on the fabric of the whole organization. Thereafter, you need to take advantage of the resulting surging revenues and improved brand loyalty.

  • To transcend beyond straight sizing

Is your brand only selling straight-sized clothes? If yes, then you can consider expanding your selection. The clothing market for plus-sized women has been overlooked for years, although the market for plus-size clothing is an impressive $17.5 billion in the US alone. 

You may be wondering whether inducting additional sizing and sized clothing lines will bring you more money or not?

The obvious answer is yes. There are examples like the brand Navabi, which has multiplied its revenue triple times since it began functioning in the year 2009. Similarly, Modcloth has witnessed humongous business growth ever since they started offering plus-sized clothing.  

  • Know your customers

You need to conduct market research to have a good idea of what your potential and existing customers expect. The important thing here to know is the stimulus that prompts customers to buy clothes. In this regard, mention could be made to the strategy adopted by the fast-fashion brand Zara. Instead of basing their fashion line on seasonal or runaway trends, they undertook a bottom-up approach, which favoured extensive market research. 

It allows Zara to have a clear picture of the customer preferences and duly places them as the leader of the fashion marketplace. It goes to say you have to get a feel of the customer’s pulse. It will let you have a better understanding of what your customer is after that lets them turn merchandise faster. 

  • Engaging customers through social media

Cameron Parker, in the year 2009, sold his first pair of leggings for $10. At that time, no one knew about Black Milk Clothing. Things have changed since then, as Black Milk Clothing is a multi-million dollar company now. So, what is the secret behind the success of Black Milk Clothing? The brand continued to grow with a zero dollar budget on advertising and marketing. 

The use of YouTube intro maker click here now and the idea of using social media as a marketing tool are not new. There are hundreds of clothing businesses, which are into it, and Black Milk is not the only brand. Although it is not a revolutionary tactic of marketing, yet it is clear that social media marketing is not an add-on. Instead, a strong social media presence is a necessity to have. 

Social Media Marketing is not just about selling. Successful brands utilize social media as a way of sharing customer photos, posting selfies, and telling funny stories. The three main factors on which the success of social media depends are authenticity, accessibility, and storytelling.

  • Creating a cult status

Developing customer loyalty is your best bet. What you need to do is create cult status and real brand loyalty. They will certainly act as your biggest growth drivers. Let us take the example of Black Milk Clothing again. The brand had a humble beginning with its products being offbeat leggings. From there, the brand became one of the most prominent figures in this sector. 

As per the founder of the brand, Cameron Parker, Black Milk Clothing was able to create a strong base of loyal customers through creative storytelling, nurturing genuine social media marketing which established a deep bond with its customer base. For a brand like Black Milk, which was hardly known, the tactics proved to be a master’s stroke that elevated the brand to cult status. The customers of Black Milk Clothing became brand advocates who would spread positive word-of-mouth. Studies reveal that potential customers when compared to conventional advertising count passionate brand advocates as a reliable source of information.     

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