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For recruiters, there is nothing more gratifying than finding the right candidates for the jobs.

However, it gets frustrating when a recruiter does not find their candidates on time. Thus, it affects their productivity and lowers down their morale.

Well, there are some ways that cut the time for finding candidates and ensures that you are attracting the best candidates for your positions.

Read on to discover the best ways to develop the talent pool and hire employees –

1. Get connected Social media channels –

Social media channels are likely to grow their impact as a significant source of attracting talent. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as the key to run social media recruiting campaigns.

Today, you can attract 40% of candidates from LinkedIn, 30% from Facebook and even 13% from Twitter.

It not only provides a seamless candidate experience but also helps candidates to apply for jobs when using social media profiles.

2. Leverage the power of the talent management system to smooth your hiring process

HR recruitment software is becoming increasingly popular in different organizations. It can make your recruiting process simple and efficient.

From social recruiting to candidate management to applicant tracking, a talent management system is an excellent option when you need to speed up your hiring process.

3. Stay active anytime and anywhere

With the rise of wearable and mobile devices, potential recruits are using apps for finding work. So why not make it as your recruiting strategy. With apps, you can do efficient candidate sourcing and engage more candidates.

It provides you great opportunities to find great talent with just a few finger taps.

4. Get candidates lined up in your back pocket –

If your job positions are filled, it doesn’t mean you stop looking for candidates. It is advisable to get connected with top employees. This can help you in replacing an old employee on an immediate basis or it helps you expand your company anytime.

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