SEO & Web Service

Here is how Real Leads Marketing works: 

  1. Welcome strategy call to get market specific information so we can target your desired areas.
  2. Set up Google Adwords account with market-tested keywords to have proven high conversion rates.
  3. Set up different landing pages optimized for advertising traffic. Example:Map area-specific keywords to two different landing pages to see which ones perform better per market/neighborhood. Target specific cities and neighborhoods you want to generate business in.
  4. Set up and test different ads to see which ones convert best.
  5. Continually perform A/B testing on ads to determine which ad(s)/landing page(s) are converting at a highest rate/lowest cost per lead.
  6. Add negative keywords to each account to filter out irrelevant clicks and protect the budget. Example: “rent,” “rentals,” etc. act as negative.
  7. Monitor each account daily and make changes within the account to get the highest rates at the lowest cost-per-conversion (lead) possible.
  8. Send out weekly reports outlining account performance and performance metrics (such as average cost per click, average cost per conversion (lead), top 10 performing keywords, etc.)
  9. Link Adwords and Google Analytics accounts together so the client can review the account’s performance at any time through their Google Analytics.
  10. Install Google Adwords tracking conversion code to Real Geeks website.
  11. Monitor monthly ad-spend to ensure that the account is not overspending while aiming to get the most conversions (leads) per month at the lowest cost-per-conversion(lead).
  12. We are available to answer questions or review account performance upon request. We can also make changes to the account at any time (add neighborhoods if new listings come on market, pause ad groups based on market interest, adjust ad spending budget, etc.).
  13. Review client website set-up to make sure the site is set up for highest conversion rates (sign-up form, Lead Capture, etc.).
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