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The mobile app industry is transforming rapidly. Each day new trends are being introduced in the market, and it becomes extremely crucial for the app publishers to keep their app up to date with these trends. There are several benefits of app redesigning. Apart from keeping your app up with trends, redesigning also helps you provide your customers with new and engaging features from time to time.

In saying that, you must always ensure to redesign your mobile app as soon as a new trend hits the market. This will help you nurture a healthy relationship with your target audience and always stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile App Redesigning

In the following blog post, we are going to pen down a couple of reasons how redesigning can help you improve the conversion rate. We’ll also shine some light on the best practices to follow while redesigning an existing mobile app. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the blog.

Why Redesigning is an Important Part of App Development?

Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons explaining why your app needs to be redesigned.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Important Part of App Development

The competition is getting extremely fierce. Even the most unique app ideas are likely to have 5-6 potential competitors, which target the same audience. Therefore, to attract the majority of your audience, you always need to stay ahead of your competitors by offering extensive features. Redesigning helps you implement the latest and most suitable features, which cater to the requirements of your audience.

Negative Feedback

Does your app have too many negative reviews? If yes, then you need to tweak the design a little bit to make the overall interface more appealing. There are many instances where initial designs of the app fail to captivate the audience, while the second and third version manages to engage a user. So, if your customers aren’t happy with your app, you must consider redesigning the entire user-interface.

Stay Up-to-Date With Current Trends

As we mentioned earlier, mobile app development is always vulnerable to new trends. If you want to establish a strong brand name for your mobile app, you must always stay up to date with these trends.

For instance, voice recognition is one of the features, which is widely used by the majority of the audience. In such a scenario, if your app doesn’t support voice recognition, you’re less likely to engage your customers.

Planning to Target New Customers

When it comes to targeting new customers, redesigning becomes a necessity for every app publisher. Each set of the audience has different preferences and thereby different expectations from a mobile app. To meet the expectations of your new audience, you need to add new features so that your mobile app becomes customer-centric.

Planning to Offer New Services

This one is completely obvious. If you’re planning to add new services or add new pages within the app, you have no other option but to redesign it. Whether you want to integrate the latest features or improve the existing ones, redesigning the mobile app is highly imperative.

Tips to Redesign a Mobile App (Best Practices)

Now, that you know the crucial reasons why you must redesign your mobile app, let’s take a look at some of the best practices to follow while redesigning the app. These practices will help you make your app more appealing while meeting the market standards at the same time.

Keep it Simple

Even though it is necessary to make the app design appealing to draw the user’s attention, you must focus on keeping the overall interface simple. Complicating things can damage the user experience. You should emphasize on having an app with an extremely appealing design yet easy-to-navigate user interface.

Keep Users in Mind

The sole purpose of developing a mobile app is to provide value to your customers. Therefore, you must always focus on the user’s preferences while redesigning the app. If there’s an element which doesn’t have the potential to engage your audience, there’s no point in keeping it.

Scrutinize precisely to figure out the most suitable designing elements and integrate them into your mobile app. This will help you attract more customers, thereby increasing the overall conversion rate.

Add Suitable Call-to-Actions

While redesigning a mobile app to increase the conversion rate, it is always a good practice to add new call-to-action buttons. With new designing trends, moreover, you can make the traditional CTA buttons more appealing which can captivate the customers.

Social Media Integration

Social media has the potential to make your app reach out to thousands of potential customers. By integrating the social media share buttons into your mobile app, your customers can share your app with their social media following, which is always a good/free method of promotion.

So, if your mobile app doesn’t have social media share buttons yet, make sure to integrate them while redesigning the app to reach out to the majority of your audience. Furthermore, social media integration also allows customers to directly sign up using their social media credentials, which makes the entire process quite easy.

Who Can Redesign My App?

Redesign My App

That concludes the crucial factors you must remember while redesigning the app. However, the real question is who’s going to redesign your app. When it comes to redesigning, you can opt for one of two options. In case you have an in-house designing team, you’re all set to go.

However, if you don’t have a dedicated designing team, like most of the business owners, you can hire professional app designers who utilize the latest market standards and the best tools to design an app.

Final Words

App redesigning a crucial part of the app development cycle. If you want to stay in the game and attract your customers, it is always recommended to redesign your app to make it more appealing. However, redesigning is a crucial process and should be carried out by professional designers only. So, if you don’t have an in-house designing team, hire professional designers and let them redesign your app to make it customer-centric.

Author Bio: Sunit Panwar is chief technology officer at RV Technologies. He is very passionate about implementing new technologies in developing innovative mobile development and website development.  He constantly looks forward to various interesting ideas and ways to implement them with advanced functionalities. He keeps on inspiring the developers with new functionalities, ideas as well as tools.

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