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Recruitment is getting tougher on recruiters with every passing day. The growth in technology, innovations, and competition drives recruiters to hire employees with more diverse and broader skills. 2015 was a great year for companies to experience dramatic growth, 2016, which appears to be the same.

There are some unique and rare trends that the companies are expected to look forward to this year. These trends are essential for all recruiting leaders because they signal the path all growing companies will eventually need to follow.

The advancement of cloud-based services –

2015 saw a growth of cloud-based services because of the growing range of benefits such as improved scalability, flexibility, and value. Like in 2015, recruiters will continue to shift their services over to cloud-based services in 2016.

The recruiters will also take advantage of the flexibility of these services in analytics, Big Data, accommodation and scalability of the size of a business and service requirements.

The cloud will continue to grow in its ability to handle everything Big Data has to offer with the increasing demands for Cloud-based Staffing software in 2016.

The mobile platforms dominating all aspects of recruitment –

With the advancement in a job market, candidates expect to find, view and apply for jobs from their mobile devices. This lead mobile platforms to dominate all aspects of recruitment.

In 2016, mobile platform will become the primary mechanism to communicate with candidates, spread employer brand messages, view the job description and recruiting videos and push relevant job positions to applicant communities. Recruiters will be using ATS apps on their smartphones to recruit on-the-go.

Shifting to compelling job offers becomes important –

While the economy was down, candidates accepted almost any offer. But in today’s market, where qualified candidates get various offers, recruiters have to radically update their offer generation process.

This means that exploding offers, sign-on bonuses, recognizing and meeting job acceptance criteria of candidates will once again become essential for the recruiters.


Companies are experiencing a dramatic growth that makes their recruiters clamor for the talent required to continue the growth. Finding talent in this fast-moving job market produces a high level of competition and difficulty for recruiters.

Companies expect recruiters to meet these challenges which obviously call for new recruiting tools, strategies, and approaches. Recruiters will need to be on the bleeding edge of their recruiting practices in order to help companies take next step and dominate the industry.

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