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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important for you when you want to increase hits to your website and increase customer responses and sales. To achieve this end, you need to hire dedicated SEO expert. However good your website looks and however often you update and manage content, without requisite hits all your efforts will be negated and your profits are sure to suffer. So how do you select an SEO expert?

Tap your network

Start your search with your own network. You have many connections through your social media platforms. They would be able to guide you in your choice or at least give you ideas as to where to go to get the expert you need. Talk to people you meet at social or business events. The more people you consult, the greater your chances of finding the right person for your work.

Take a look at SEO blogs and forums

SEO experts have blogs and discussion forms. Learn about their projects and past work; learn about their expertise and interests. The knowledge will be invaluable for your search.

List the traits you want

You need to be very clear about what you want to do with your website. The clearer your understanding of the job you require done, the easier it will be to select the most efficient expert to do the work.

Geographical location

SEO ExpertBe sure to take into consideration the geographical location of the experts of your short listed candidates. Ask them if they are willing to relocate if necessary. Consider whether the work can possibly be done just as well from another location.

One person or a group

Do you need a single expert or a group to work on your project?  Think about that. It will have an impact on your choice. Can a single person, perhaps an employee or a freelancer complete your job or would you need experts and experienced group to do it? The choice depends on what you want the hire to do. An experienced SEO expert would be a natural inclination to review your site and suggest the changes needed


Expertise grows with experience, and experience is gained with the number of projects handled as well as the type of project work most undertaken. Evaluate the experience of your candidates to see how much of their work matches your requirements. Make sure your expert has a good command over the three levels of SEO development. First, the technical skill to incorporate changes in your website, second, the ability to use keywords to create optimum effect and increase hits, third, ability to build links.

Cost or pricing

The final consideration is of course a very obvious one- that of the cost of your hire. You have a budget prepared. Make sure that the expert you select comes within that budget.

Keep these points in mind and you can choose the best SEO services in India from Elite Infoworld.

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