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It hasn’t been long since the page-level ads have been rolled out. They are now available for use for all webmasters out there. These ads allow you to display AdSense ads even on mobile templates for your blogger. So, you can make money from mobile templates as we well, just like you did with Google Admob Ads in mobile apps.

Before moving any further, let us have a look some interesting facts about these Page-level Ads:

1. They are shown by AdSense at optimal times. This helps to increase revenue. Plus, it provides a better user experience

2. There are two new ad formats: vignettes and anchor/overlay ads

3. These ads can be used along with the content and link units. So, you no longer need to count towards your 3 ads per page limit

4. Can be visible only on mobile-optimized sites

5. Are mobile Responsive!

Now let us move further on the available Page-level formats. How can you add code to the blogger template? And, how can you test the ads to know whether they really work on your sites or not?

Formats for page level ads

ad-sense page-level ads in BlogSpot

1. Anchors

Also called as overlay ads, these are mobile responsive. Such format sticks to the bottom of the screen. After the ad gets loaded, the anchor starts to display at the bottom of the page. So, the user can easily dismiss these ads using the toggle down button at its top. 

2. Vignettes 

These are full-screen mobile ads. You can use them to cover the entire web page interface. And, they work similar to the popular Admob’s Interstitial ads, which have been used for mobile apps for both android and iOS operating systems.

Talking about the vignette ads, they appear popups between the page loads in your blog. So, the user gets a choice to either it out, move to the destination or simply close it and return to the previous page. The fact that these ads contain a call to action button and are larger in size makes them a great option as compared to anchor ads.

Some of the things that you must know here are – 

· Out of the two formats, vignettes are only when the user leaves the page, and not when someone visits it. 

· To give a good user-experience, these ads are limited in terms of number per user.

How to implement these ads in your BlogSpot Blogs?

It’s fairly simple – 

1. Log in to AdSense Account

2. Follow the link –

3. Click on the toggle buttons to turn the Anchor/Overlay and Vignette ads

Anchor Overlay and Vignette ads

4. Scroll down to select Get Code option

Get Code option

5. Copy the code

6. Now, go to Blogger > Template >  Backup your template and edit HTML

7. Search for code <head> and paste the generated code just above it

8. Save the template and that’s about it!


To test whether the ads have been implemented or not, you can add #googleads to the end of URL for your Blog and open in any mobile browser. You can then select the format you want to test from the tabbed box that appears on the screen.

So there you have it. The all new page-level explained to you in a simple manner. If you haven’t tried them yet, then I’d recommend not to waste any time further.

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