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With Alibaba entering the arena of Cloud computing in the US, we are going to see another big name wrestle for supremacy in this space. The space had only three major players competing with one another, namely Amazon, Google and Microsoft, prior to this. However, this entry is going to stir things up for sure!

The meteoric rise of Alibaba as the B2B version of Amazon has turned quite a few heads around (with a recent valuation reflecting its worth of total $170 Billion). And, if the experts are to be believed, then the entrance of Alibaba in this cloud computing space is being looked upon as the arrival of a rogue planet into a peaceful solar system.

The company had seen an 85% growth in profits in the Cloud computing space last year, with total profits worth $58 million. The entry is a reflection of the efforts that the company is making to emerge as a global force. Although this mere 1% of the total earnings of the company, yet it reflects Alibaba’s rising interest in the field of Salesforce and cloud.

The tension has already mounted, but amidst all this Alibaba is insisting that Amazon and Microsoft are its friends in the space, with no mention of Google so far.

How big an impact this entry is going to make in the arena, only time will tell. As of now, we all can just wait and watch how things turn out to be???

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