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Graphic design is ever-evolving regardless of the industry you are targeting. What might appear the best design at one point may look obsolete or dull in a few weeks. The reason every graphic designer has to keep track of the latest trends and knows how to build compelling and spectacular designs for websites and social media branding.

If you have no clue about the design trends that will dominate 2020, then we are sharing a detailed guide. Design experts have shared their nuggets of wisdom on the future of design trends in the next year. Let’s discuss the incredible design trends of 2020 and how can you feed it into your brand or business website.

Graphic Design Trends

1.   Tailored Typography

Irrespective of the industry or niche you are targeting, it is highly likely that it is saturated and has strong competition. It can be difficult for you to slice through the huge clutter of competition to attract your potential customers. The reason common fonts might be pushed in the dust and tailored typography might become the new, emerging trend in 2020. It can be a bit expensive and challenging for leading brands to buy and license fonts.

Many popular brands would rather invest in customized typography to become bold and different. The following brands use customized typography to attract high-end customers.

  • Apple
  • BBC
  • Google
  • YouTube

How to Do It?

Before you dive into creating customized typography, always brainstorm about the type of font that suits your style and brand identity. The font style should reflect your brand or business and resonate with your customers. For instance, if you are a fast-growing technology company, then a sleek and trendy looking font, like sans serif font, would be better suited.

2.   Bold Colors & Design

You can expect the design to take a step ahead when it comes to color palettes. Some graphic designers might consider using a neutral color palette but the color trends will change in 2020. After the minimal design became exceedingly mainstream, graphic designers leverage monochromatic color palettes. But by using bold colors and captivating gradients, brands can start injecting more personality in their communication platforms. Find out how leading companies try bold colors for a compelling brand identity.

  • McDonald’s
  • Hallmark
  • Nickelodeon
  • Intel

Bold Colors & Design

How to Do It?

Stop living in the past if you are still using black Helvetica on a bright white background. 2020 would be the year where graphic designers can completely experiment with bold colors and gradients. Even if you are using lighter shades, pump life into your brand or business channel using bold colors. Start using a few elements of bold colors and try to upgrade the design.

3.   Individual Branding

Every vertical-leading brand knows they require a spectacular logo to become a renowned vendor in the industry. However, brands have to rethink their strategy in 2020 and have to invest in an attractive design. The next few years would be a time when customers would understand that brands are greater than just catchy logos and slogans.

Graphic designers are now working tirelessly to create an impactful and amazing brand rather than just working on a vague or relatively cheap logo design only. Many top brands and businesses impress their customers based on the digital touchpoints which include website design or inbound marketing tactics. Here are a few benefits of individual branding:

  • Enhances Customer Loyalty
  • Builds Better Marketing Strategy
  • Attracts the Right Talent
  • Boosts Customer Recognition

How to Do It?

Focusing on brand identity has become crucial and you should review and upgrade the design assets before 2020 if need be. Whether you are using a vague business video or card, try to make a few adjustments to impress your potential customers. Rather than using cookie-cutter design templates, think and execute differently. Creating and launching a brand new product? Try changing the packaging and product design to entice customers to become curiously interested. Here are a few areas to focus on:

  • Business Card
  • Company Logo
  • Social media Identity
  • Business Website

To embrace this growing trend in 2020, all of the above-mentioned design elements can be upgraded.

4.   Think Differently

Many businesses and brands were playing it extra safe leading to more predictable and template-based designs. Competitors started imitating each other’s design strategies which triggered unbranded and mainstream experiences. However, many brands are breaking their shackles by thinking differently and building spectacular designs.

Rather than using any cookie-cutter design techniques, take a canvas approach and think about how you would design a painting? Try to become bold, playful, and different when it comes to creating rock-solid design for your brand. Inspire from some of the leading companies using top-rated design such as the following:

  • Welly
  • Uber
  • Warby Parker
  • Burt’s Bees

How to Do It?

This is one of the fast-growing design trends with countless possibilities to think differently and become bold. If you have been waiting to use animations or graphics on your business website, then 2020 is the year to experiment with everything. Even if you have a risky design idea that has been itching your head, then always go for it without thinking twice. Try having fun with design ideas in 2020 rather than limiting yourself to template-based designs.

5.   Blend Art and Design

Using bold graphic design is not the only art form. There are certainly other types of art forms such as engaging animation and powerful illustrations. Recently, graphic designers are now using creative art in their design strategy. You can solve emerging design-related problems by merging the expression of art, brand personality, and design.

Blend Art and Design

How to Do It?

Do you wish to redo your brand logo or launch a brand new product? Then try illustrating it or drawing it rather than creating computer-generated graphics. Perfectly hand-drawn logos and magnetic illustrations can be a great way to create a completely new, fresh-looking, and staggering design to represent your brand.

Wrap Up

Many design tools allow you to build compelling and thunderous designs for your brand or business. In 2020, try bringing new life to your merchant-consumer communication channels.

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