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Plagiarism is an act of presenting someone else idea and portraying it as own personal idea without the acknowledgment from the original owner mostly involves articles, songs, web pages among other sources. Google plagiarism checker assist an individual to detect the billion content on its updated big database, which makes it more reliable and simple to detect plagiarism. 

Pros of using the Google plagiarism checker

It is highly accessible as Google search is so common and easier to use bearing in mind that the computer is almost everywhere on the continent. It only requires basic know-how, which can be taught to anyone in a short while. While other plagiarism checkers are so boring the Google plagiarism is the best as it is immediate saving your time as well as offering you an efficient report.

Reliable: Google usually has a big trusted database which in most cases it’s up-to-date including the pdf files, folders, and publication, formatted content including the non HTML once which make the plagiarism to be more positive to be relied upon all over the world. Because of a different kind of file formats, it makes Google plagiarism checker be the best choice. Due to its easy accessibility, anywhere as long as there is the internet makes it more convenient, unlike the other plagiarism checker. 

It’s secure; you can have peace of mind while using it, unlike the other plagiarism checker which deletes your content worsening the situation. Google plagiarism has been tested and proved to be saved for use globally.

Working on comprehensive content; this is your only best option due to its very large database which is able to work on large content reports.

Cost-effective and efficient. Without mentioning, the more benefits of Google plagiarisms checker its offers free plagiarism check, can you imagine! without discrimination.

Cons of Google plagiarism checker

Though the pros seem to outweigh the cons, it also has some cons, which includes:

Human personnel; despite it being reliable, secure and accessible it cannot operates without the human personnel because even as it produces the result buts it’s upon the human person to arrange them and makes a decision as to what to do with the content. This concludes no matter what it cannot work without human personnel Limited to that which is only in the Google database, thus there is some additional academic database, which is necessary, not in the Google database thus unable to check such content. 


The pros outweigh the cons of making the Google plagiarism checker as the most reliable, accessible, secure and above all the most fast to get the accurate report due to its large database. Lastly know how to use it well to save time and money as using it in ignorance can result to be very expensive without getting the right result.

I hereby do recommend anybody purposing to use the free online essay checker or Google plagiarism checker to be the best regardless of other checkers. I promise you that you will never regret it, its incredible. 

This article was prepared by Edusson writers.

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