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Undoubtedly, holidays are the happy days for the masses as they get a break from the job and enjoy a lot of shopping. The shopping part makes this season good for the companies as well. They eagerly wait for the holiday season to boost their sales

As the customers have the mindset to buy products online during the festive seasons, the store owners don’t have to make extra efforts to push them to buy a specific product. Though, companies still slash prices to draw the attention of the customers. No matter how enthusiastic the customers are about holiday shopping, they still give preference to the price and buy products from an online store that offers maximum customer satisfaction.

In this competitive market, just slashing the prices by a few percent doesn’t guarantee improvement in the sales. To survive in the market, the companies need to come out with extraordinary ideas and strategies like cash back and live chat software on the website. 

As customers have to buy a number of things online, they demand quick answers to their queries to complete the process. They expect a virtual smile with every touch point and the company that successfully delivers this smile wins hearts of the customers. 

As per the reports, in 2015, online shoppers spent around $4.45 billion on shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday giving rise to online sales by around 26%. With this data for the previous year, experts anticipate online holiday shopping to grow further this year. To maximize their profits, retailers should now consider live chat support software for their website to offer quick guidance to the online customers. 

Personalized Messaging

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Exceptional customer service is critical during the highly competitive holiday season. Around 75% customers say that they love a specific brand due to their friendly staff and great customer support. With a few personalized messages and reference of products added by the customers in their shopping cart, the support agents can win customers. It makes them feel special and encourages them to complete the buying process. You can also integrate the live chat solutions with ecommerce platform to offer customized solutions to the shoppers.

Make Connection Strong With Live Chat

Make Connection Strong With Live Chat

 The connection is one of the biggest weapons in the online market. A customer prefers one online store over other just because of a stronger connection with the brand. Website chat software is a good idea to build a strong connection and share an emotional bond with the customers. With quick and accurate reply, round-the-clock services and customized chat windows, you can strengthen your connection with the buyers.

Bring Down Shopping Cart Abandonment 

You will be surprised to know that around 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before making the final payment. This causes huge loss to the companies. You can reduce the rate by encouraging potential buyers to complete their buying process by engaging them through live chat. Through proactive chat session, the customer support reps can ask customers about the problems they are facing or the confusion they have that is not letting them complete the process. This not just delights the customers but also encourages them to buy products from the same store. 

Provide Solution To Mobile Shoppers

With an increasing number of customers buying products online from their mobile phones, you cannot ignore them. When investing in live chat software for the website, make sure it is also effective on the mobile version of the website. Carefully check and ensure that the chat box functions well on the mobile versions so that customers can get quick support. 

Make Customers Feel Festive

Make Customers Feel Festive

 Though the customers are already in the festive mood and have a long list of items in their shopping list, you can further push them for more shopping by making them feel festive. A few creative ideas and you will impress even the least interested online shopper who lands on your website mistakenly. For this, you can customize the live chat window and can get holiday specific triggers. 

The Last Word:

Holiday season is a great time for the companies to boost their revenue from an ecommerce website. All you need is right live chat software offered by companies like REVE Chat and strategic planning to utilize the widget to its fullest.

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