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It goes without saying that nothing creates more value in the professional world of search marketing than some useful search engine optimization tools. When people search for your brand online, you obviously want it to be appeared as high in the search engine rankings as possible.

In this regard, you have to keep track of different practices that searchers follow while browsing on the web. Whether they click once and be done with clicking on a website; or edit their search terms, search again, and click on a couple of other websites. Hence, your business must continually show in all search results that acquaint customers about you gaining mindshare with each potential customer.

Here, we are sharing a list of all leading SEO tools that may help you hit the mark in all the aspects of SEO work.

  1. Link Research SEO Toolbar

Link Research SEO Toolbar allows you to enjoy the most advanced SEO metrics. With the help of this tool, you can customize your searches in Bing, Google, and Yandex while browsing on the web. You are able to sort Search Engine results by:

  • The popularity of social media
  • Long-term user engagement
  • Keyword rankings of a website
  • Amount of backlinks that websites may have acquired or lost
  • LRT Power*Trust Value

Apart from its SERP overlay, you can use the toolbar with all SEO metrics on every page that you are browsing. Moreover, there are also other templates that you can drag and drop in your browser window anywhere.

It may have happened with you a lot of times that a page ranks for a lot of keywords; it has a lot of links, it has been shared on social media a great many times, and it shares amazingly engaging content. Link Research SEO Toolbar comes with answers to all these wonderful outcomes on the web.

  1. Impact and Content Marketing Toolbar

Impact and Content Marketing Toolbar is one of the FREE and easy to use tools. It provides its users with a very powerful set of metrics and functions that’d be available right in their browser. You must look out for it to identify the powerful content and the latest trends.

It is a kind of tool that allows you to share the great pieces of content with clients, co-workers, and friends at just a click of a button.

By using Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar, you’ll be getting:

  • Social Buzz Metrics (content’s impact on social media)
  • Powerful Impact Metrics (clicks, links, views, comments)

For checking out if a blog post was successful or not, you don’t need to look out for any other tool. Simply use Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar in your browser and find it out right now.

  1. LRT Power*Trust Extension

LRT Power*Trust is a powerful two-dimensional SEO metric and browser extension. It is a great replacement for Google’s Toolbar PageRank and even more than that. It is helpful in a quick assessment of a website or page’s power and trustworthiness while browsing the web.

After the first Google Penguin update in 2012, LinkResearchTools launched it shortly. And in no time, LRT Power*Trust proved itself as a reliable metric for judging the authority of a website’s page or domain.

LRT Power*Trust metric quickly gets you answers to the most important SEO questions, such as:

  • Is a certain link worth keeping?
  • Is it good enough to build some links on a website?
  • Which link should go to disavow file?

LRT Power*Trust is a great replacement for Google Toolbar Page Rank. In fact, it is something more than a replacement that presents that power and trust of a link along with the domain it is coming from. Unlike other PBN sites and penalized domains, LRT Power*Trust keeps on updating regularly and is very much reliable.

  1. Link Redirect Trace Browser Extension

Link Redirect Trace Browser Extension is a great tool that uses the power of LinkResearchTools Link Redirect Trace Metric for pointing out all sorts of issues, whether on-page or off-page, for any website that you browse.

With the help of Link Redirect Trace Extension, you are able to:

  • Identify every link redirect hop
  • Analyze robots.txt for every hop
  • Know the LRT Power*Trust per Link Redirect hop
  • Analyze HTML <head>NoIndex, NoFollow per redirect hop
  • Analyze the HTTP header X-Robots Noindex, Nofollow, NoArchive
  • Identifycookies set for each redirect hop; and know those affiliate ad links, etc.

Link redirection is some sort of process where one URL is forwarded to another URL. So, when your backlink profile is redirected from other websites, you must check it in more detail and make sure if any strange domain isn’t harming you. Like every SEO professional, you must also know what you are talking about and check those redirects. Also, watch out for not losing the valuable Link Trust or Link Power or pass on a penalty through a domain’s redirect that carries a penalty.

  1. Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR)

Most of the time, a big problem has been observed when relaunching or re-designing a website is that the old links are ignored. However everyone gets excited about the new logo, the new design, and the new CMS, nobody takes care of the redirects after the site’s URL gets changed.

Now, the Link Juice Recovery Tool also referred to as “Website Relaunch Tool,” helps in finding all the links that point to error pages. Not just 404s, it also generates a“.htaccess file” for its users. Such a file allows you to put a lot of redirects for missing pages in place within just a few minutes. It does it so amazing that you don’t have to wait for too long.


Believably, SEO and link building is an art that is fueled by passion, creativity, passion, diplomacy, and also politics. And aforementioned competitive research tools are some great that show how sites rank on the search engines of Google in a relative way.

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