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This time last year, smartphone users were accessing around 9 different apps each day to carry out a number of different tasks – most notably, messaging friends and family. While apps may have been the tool of choice for many consumers in 2017, the development of AI technology is generating winds of change for how we use tech, ushering in a new wave of messenger chatbots to support our increased interest in messenger apps.

Worldwide, 30 million apps are downloaded each day and tens of thousands of new apps become available each month. Understandably, getting your app noticed and building a following is a difficult business. Compare that to the number of people using messengers apps – set to reach 3.6 billion this year according to forecasts by Activate – and you begin to understand the lure of a branded chatbot for businesses.

Zero learning curve

Every app is different, meaning that with each download, a user needs a period to become familiar with your icons, links, and buttons to be able to perform different tasks and access the features included in your app. No matter how smooth the UX design for your app is, chatbots will beat it hands down every time because we all already know how to send messages and chat.

Chatbots don’t require any additional skills and allow users to ask them what they want, when they want it. Some technology even allows users to voice their queries rather than taking the time to tap out their communication on their phone’s keyboard.

Access all areas

The very nature of apps requires users to download them on their phones. Depending on the size and the cost of your app, this can be a difficult sell. Even if you do catch the eye of your target audience, in a world of distractions they may simply forget to follow through and download your app.

Chatbots on the other hand don’t require users to download them. Once you’ve developed your branded chatbot through any number of agencies or platform options, you can make it available to your audience through leading messenger services that are likely to already be installed on their devices. Your service is instantly accessible, infinitely usable, and always available to your target audience.

The end of apps?

According to a report by Gartner, in less than two years, 85% of customer interactions are expected to be managed without the intervention of humans. Chatbots not only reduce the number of apps a user needs for completing multiple tasks, but also innovations have brought multiple benefits for businesses. Tracking customer responses, ensuring simple workflows are followed, and, ironically, providing a ‘human touch’ to customer interactions without the need for humans are a few of the major benefits of this emerging technology.

The easier chatbots become to build, the less appealing apps look. Isn’t it time to consider replacing your branded app with a chatbot?

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