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Are you wondering why has been a sudden drop in the traffic to your website? As a website owner you might not have the know how about Google’s algorithms and how they work.

This is the reason that in this blog I am going to share a flow chart that’s going to help you follow a process and determine if the fall in your website is due to a Panda or Penguin algorithm update or not?

Algorithm updates have a specific timetable associated with them. So, once you understand the entire process, it can be quite easy to identify the algorithm updates as compared to other site changes. Keeping in mind that you as a website owner, would not be thoroughly documenting changes made to page content or other areas of the site, this can be the only way to know what’s hit your website that has led to decrease in traffic.

In fact, the lack of documentation can make it even more difficult to ascertain what actions may have led to the loss of rankings. This is where knowing about the updates come into the picture. In fact, losses within a certain time-period can be correlated directly with an algorithm update, and hence make the problem and the solution faster to diagnose.

Take a look at this flowchart and I can assure that it’s going to be a potential indicator to help you find out whether your site has been hit by one of these updates or not?

Google Panda and Penguin

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