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Yes, this question is very popular now, as everyone wants the own website, mob app, Amazon or Uber. But you all have some budget and timeline which you want to fit. So how to make the hardest decision – how to find the right team who will develop it for you and will not just waste your time and money?

 There are a few ways to find a programmer for your startup:

–  The best way if you can code by yourself.

But I guess in this way you wouldn’t search for this article, correct? So there are a few more options:

–  Find a freelancer

–  Find a team.

But whom will you choose?

You can find them on different resources like UpWork, Angel List, Guru, etc. And there are so many freelancers now, many of those are offering really low rates, but what about the quality of the code? Yes, you know the answer.

In many cases, you have to check the portfolio, feedbacks, and rates.

Detailed steps How To Find A Programmer For A Startup? you can also see in this article what about the risks?

There are too many of them! The single person will (almost never) provide you with the full cycle of the development process. Preparing good technical documentation is a big part of the development process, and a single person will not able to prepare a good one.

The second thing – you will need to look for the designer, tester and the person who will deploy your project – this means to move the code to live environment. It’s a hard job to find that person who can do all this stuff!

Choosing a team is the most convenient option if you have not only an idea, if you have some budget and if you know what you really want to create and who will be your customers or users.

Startups usually are short of money. But they also don’t need to choose the lowest provider. The lowest quote usually means the lowest quality and too many problems in the future with this code. So think twice before choose!

Ask references. You need to be sure that they communicate well and can understand your requirements. As all projects are different, so ask any questions you might have in order to be sure in your future partner.

If you are not the technical guy, then ask every single detail which seems not clarified for you. This is normal! They have to explain to you so many times until you will not be on the same page with the team.

That’s very important. The trust, trustworthy relationships – is the most important thing while you are building the fundament for your project.

Create your own strategy. Be honest and look for an honest partner and team. This is not only about the code, but this also is about the building of something new and great, and find the right team – is the hardest thing for you now and make the right choice!

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