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There’s plenty of stuff that Google webmaster tool has at offer for running a website smooth. Of all the major tools that you will find in the webmaster armory, Fetch As Google option has come across as the most efficient way to submit your URL to the index. However, it is a big surprise that not many of the webmasters utilize this tool to its full potential. It speeds things up considerably for the new content that you might have and would want to be discovered and found in the SERPs.

If you are amongst those website owners who simply publish new web pages or blog posts and then sit back, and wait for them to show up in the Google search results, then it is high time you try using the Fetch as Google tool.

Think of it as just like pressing a magic button. According to Google they will crawl the URL using this method usually within a day”. And, as per what I have observed, pages and blog posts published using this tool show up in the SERPs in less than 5 minutes.

So, how can you use it? Well, let us take a look –

  1. ) To begin with, you need to go to the webmasters tool, select the domain name, to expand the Crawl menu, and then click Fetch as Google menu link.

Fetch as Google menu link

  1. The next step is to enter your website URL in the input field and click the fetch button.

enter your website URL

click the fetch button

Before you move to the next step make sure that the fetch was successful.

  1. Once the Googlebot fetches your page, you can go ahead and submit that page to Google index.

Googlebot fetches your page

There’s an option to submit either the URL or URL along with the linked pages as well. You can submit a maximum number of 10 linked URL’s that you can submit per month.

And, this will help Google understand that your website is the place where your content originated. Don’t let other website steal your content and outrank you with ease.

Here’s what Matt Cutts has to say how you can avoid such a situation –

Google crawls site A every hour and site B once in a day. Site B writes an article, site A copies it changing time stamp. Site A gets crawled first by Googlebot. Whose content is original in Google’s eyes and rank highly? If it’s A, then how does that do justice to site B?”

That’s almost all that I have to say about ‘Adding the Fetch as Google’ tool to your armory and make the most of your online marketing gimmicks.

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