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Digital transformation is in trend nowadays however it is still surrounded by a lot of confusion. Not every organization understands the benefits, risks, challenges and realities of digital transformation. Digital transformation will dramatically impact business today and over the next few years. The main problem is that business is not ready for the modern technology. The existing technology, process, and skill of a firm does not cater to the digital world. Companies need to transform themselves and adopt technology and processes for the modern digital world.

Digital transformation

Here we have discussed some facts that you cannot ignore about digital transformation.

It is not something to ignore

Digital transformation is not a trend, a trend usually comes and goes. Digital transformation is not going anywhere. The world is moving towards it and is not planning to slow down. The main question is do you want to still use your old technology while your competition moves ahead? For companies to remain relevant in future they have to adopt digital transformation.

It is a wide transformation

While digital transformation is very important, however, it won’t be easy for the companies to adopt it. It does not just change a single department. It involves changes at all levels of the organization. This is the main problem for many companies as different departments in the organization do not operate on the same things. All of them use different process and technologies.

It’s not only about technology

Digital transformation is related to digital technologies. To become modern, you must create a system and implement technologies that will help your business.

Technology is the easiest thing in digital transformation. A recent study suggests that company’s culture is often a hurdle in digital transformation journey. If you want digital transformation to succeed you need to make cultural and educational transformation in your organization plan.

Skill Gap is the biggest hurdle

Every company knows that digital transformation provides a competitive advantage to those who jump on board. What is stopping companies from moving towards modernization?

The answer is the shortage of talent. According to a research 77% of companies considered missing digital skills as the key hurdle of digital transformation. The impact of digital technologies is felt not only in the IT department but across the entire organization creating a huge demand for digital skills.

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