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No matter how excellent your product may be, it may never see the light of day without an ideal marketing strategy. Technology has played an immense role for you to pair a strategic marketing technique with a great product. However, unless you know how to work with these modern methods, you’ll fall short of success. According to a recent McKinsey survey, 83% of global CEOs said marketing is their primary growth source. It shows how pivotal it is for you to follow emerging trends of the digital marketing industry. Here’s what you should know about modern marketing techniques:

1) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a great tool. It has made it easier for you to do your work in an office setting, such as digital entry of your data and connecting with customers faster through chatbots. It also curates content for you and provides predictive analysis of future buying trends. This provision is essential for planning new products and marketing strategies for the years to come. 

2) Voice Search

This method touches on two concepts, including SEO and modern-day marketing. You may know of voice search devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google, and even Apple Siri for this purpose. Most people now possess these devices, and you must add this feature to your website. SEO has long progressed from the basic model, and with so many people now choosing to voice search, you need to add it for a good ranking on the search engine. 

3) Omnichannel Marketing. After the pandemic, online stores have seen an influx in traffic. However, it has also increased the competition. Companies are now engaging multiple channels to engage with customers through social media, web apps, and mobile apps. Some companies are even investing in paid ads to increase their marketing tactic by tenfold. When you post your content in new spaces, you will need to make sure it is good enough to earn you a decent amount of backlinks

Without these measures, it wouldn’t be easy to get to your consumers right away. You can also help yourself through innovative SEO techniques such as making sure your website loads fast, mobile-friendly, and engaging content. 

4) Location Services. This form of marketing is known as hyperlocal marketing. According to this tactic, you’re using a combination of your website and google location services. The key player in this strategy is using keywords. The search engine uses bots to crawl over your website. When it can match a search engine query with the website’s content, including service location, the chances of recommending your website are high. Local strategies are essential since most of your customers may be in your area. You should ensure your location is up to date so that the search engine can also give them a map view of your business if they wish to pay a local visit. 

5) Live Video. There are many ways to talk to your customers, including a live video. Live videos help you interact with your customers in real-time on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Interaction is essential because it adds to the research of your customers. You can make it into a whole event and even invite or do a live session with a famous influencer. When you’re able to create an enticing environment, your consumers have a high chance of purchase. Your customers also get an opportunity to ask questions. If you answer them right away, you have a higher chance of getting a reasonable conversion rate. 

6) AR and VR. AR and VR stand for augmented and virtual reality. Scrolling through the website has also changed immensely. Along with scrolling, you get a chance to interact with the product. That would mean viewing the product in 3D and even having exciting filters such as those on Snapchat. Several brands, such as beauty brands and cosmetic companies, have understood the importance of such features. It gives your customers a chance to try out a product before making a purchase. With online markets, even making a purchase has become significantly easier. Online purchasing options with the addition of AR and VR make for a great marketing tactic. 

7) Programmatic Advertising. This is a type of paid advertising in which you allow the AI to do it for you. It saves big time and lets you find a broader range of audiences fast. It is also a much better technique to employ since finding poor-quality advertisements and the wrong platforms may cost you instead of helping you. It is also a much better method for you to utilize your money. 

8) Personalization. Your brand should represent you. Case in point, even when you purchase a card, you always make sure that you add your name and a small note with the message. The concept is simple: you want your customers to feel connected to your brand and feel acknowledged for the purchases they make. You can choose to personalize your brand in many ways.

Have an email campaign system that sends out a personal note to your customer or send them recommendations off their purchase history. You can even take this a step further by sending a gift and a personal thank you note to customers who cross a certain purchase threshold. It is a simple strategy to emphasize your brand and make customers familiar with your logo and message to create an effective marketing strategy. With technology, you can even find more creative ways to make your brand more personal.

Wrap Up

If you’re new to marketing, you will need to get used to these new strategies right away. Add AI to your marketing campaign and have a voice search option that makes it faster to search and make a purchase. Use location services to boost your local investments. Use live videos to get more attention about your products and VR and AR technology so that users can engage and learn more about the products they want. Use omnichannel marketing to touch all bases, and finally, don’t forget to add a personal touch.

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