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There are few concepts and best practices to follow to meet with the requirements of Google that are usually associated with the query. These concepts are tried and tested and has proved to be absolutely essential these days for any business, large or small, to attain their SEO goals.

Typically, the kind of user experience offered by a website is the basic factor that will ensure more visitors, traffic and conversion. Nowadays, the writing, the topic, the solution provided and in all the content of the website matters most than it ever did.

Web designers and developers need to focus on the engagement metrics while designing the site, including the content, hosting the site and other associated matters. It is also required by them to know what Google essentially sees. Ideally, Google is able to see those people:

  • Who click on a specific result
  • Who are less likely to click the back button
  • Who are likely to choose any different result
  • Who are more likely to stay on a particular page or site
  • Who engage further with the content and
  • Which sites solve their issues or helps them to perform a task.

All these are very good signs and Google ranks those sites more that satisfies all these requirements.

Adding proper keywords

In this day and age, web designers, SEO and digital marketing agencies such as Kick Media and others emphasize on adding proper keywords. This is unquestionably the most decisive factor to doing SEO correctly. In SEO writing and digital marketing today, there are two specific elements that you should focus more on. These are:

  • The title element and
  • The body content.

However, this does not mean your site will not be ranked if you do not use the keyword in the title and the body content, but that is usually not recommended. This is because keywords matter both for the search engines as well as the searchers.

When any searcher sees the keyword that are looking for in the title element of the web page when the search results come up, it is highly likely that they will be more likely to click on it as compared to those titles that do not have the keywords in it. That means, a keyword-rich headline can outrank other headlines that do not have any.

Adding a few tags and other elements

Modern SEO writers, even the best ones are found to mix up the tile and the content both and often come up with a headline that is far from meaningful with respect to the topic they are writing on. This does not provide the desired SEO results.

However, selecting a catchy headline and adding a few other tags are not only nice but is also the best practice to follow in 2019. These tags include:

  • Headline tags: These are the H1 and H2 tags that are the first things that attract the eyes of the readers and raise their interest in the content and urge them to carry on reading.
  • URL field: Including a useful and visible URL is also very helpful. However, make sure that you include the specific words and phrases that people are looking for and refer to exactly what they want.

This will even help those people who simply link with any available URL or those who copy and paste the UEL to share it with other people. In this way, it will eventually carry the anchor text across. This is the benefits of adding tags and especially the URL with the specific keywords in there.

Meta description and image alt

Usually, the Meta description is not used for ranking purpose but it significantly helps in increasing the web traffic. These are the specific descriptions that come with the search results and are typically read by the searchers.

  • When the searchers see a Meta description that contains the specific words and phrases that they are looking for they will think that the result is most relevant to their search and will be more likely to click on it.
  • More clicks will result in an increase in organic traffic. The level of engagement must also be high to attain a better ranking, however.

Considering the image alt attribute, it is a very helpful element to add for regular search results. However, it is specifically helpful for Google Images, which helps in getting a tremendous amount of web traffic even by its own.

Employing better concepts

When you want to employ better concepts in your content and SEO strategy you must not only focus on using the best words and phrases but also on other aspects as well. This will provide a noteworthy boost to your SEO.

  • One of the most common yet result driven practice is to review your content and add those words and phrases that are missing in it as compared to other web pages are ranking high in Google search pages. Therefore, always be on the lookout for the best and most relevant words and phrases.
  • Another useful way is to add the specific names of places, preferably the borough names. This is because Google always tends to rank those pages highly that contains the borough names than the ones that does not for any specific query. This is possible because Google now associates the text according to the relevance for a particular search query. This means instead of writing ‘New York’ write Manhattan or any other place as your need in your keyword.

However, you should not mix it up with LSI or any other specific SEO tactic. Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is considered to be old-school tactic now. It may have been effective in the late ’80s and early ’90s but is certainly not a computer or software tactic any more.

You need not use this junk methodology for identifying the words and phrases that are semantically linked to each other. This has become a pseudoscience in modern SEO world where using words and phrases that Google relates to a particular keyword and related topic is essential.

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