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“Financial resources may be the lifeblood of a company, but human resources are the brains.”

– Rob Silzer

According to Deloitte, companies that use an upgraded version of the employee benefits management system says that they save more than 22% of costs per employee. Now, that’s somewhere enough to illustrate the benefits and the never-ending impact of an employee benefits management software in an organization.

This software are referred to as the basic need of the hour. Why? Because, as the number of employees increases in an organization, it becomes almost next to impossible for the HR department to gather and record the data for each employee specifically. That’s where you realize the eminence of a pro HR software.

Employee Benefits Management Software- Meaning

Many people get confused between a standard HR software and Employee Benefits Management Software. Both of them have a lot of differences in different measures, including- interface, features, uses, and involvement of employees. Whereas a traditional HR department works on the parameters like- attendance, holiday, etc. on the contrary, Employee Benefits Management Software also looks after PTO management, work-related functions, etc.

Witnessing the increasing demand for Employee Benefit Management Software in the IT sector specifically, more and more software are coming into the market and registering their presence.

Here is something to help you get to know about the best ones available for use.

  • Bernie Portal- It can be referred to as an improvised version of Ease and Employee Navigator, offering you some useful features including- time, PTO tracking, applicant’s tracking, keeping an eye on operational progress, etc. 
  •  Ease- This software ensures all benefits of an Employee Benefits Management Software and regular HR systems too. At a nominal cost of $2 to $4, you can have its additional features. 
  •  GoCo- It is one of the easiest and best HR software with unique features helping you synchronize the employees’ data while giving them access to make necessary changes, whenever required. 
  • Employee Navigator- Right from helping you keep a check on the employee’s progress to the leave balance, it works on all the aspects and never disappoints you.

Some Of The Basic Leverages Of Using Employee Benefits Management Software In Your Organization-

  1. It waves of a number of responsibilities from the HRs’ head and helps them focus on recruiting the best talents
  2. Involves the employees to participate in record keeping activities
  3. Keeps track of each employees’ performance and keeps the employee aware of his/her performance points on the basis of which a fair increment can be declared
  4. It works as the digital medium between the management and employees
  5. Brings more coordination among the different departments
  6. Streamlines the productivity of the business and operational processes

The Bottom Line-

The transforming needs of the organizations are demanding the best-in-class Employee Benefits Management Software to hop on. Why? To meet the needs of HR, employees, and the management’s organizational goals. This software not just keeps a hawk’s eye on the HR activities but helps to manage the data for each employee enrolled on permanent payroll. With this, HR is able to offload its regular activities and pay attention to other crucial tasks.

All in all, it’s an appropriate product meeting an organization’s requirements in all aspects.

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