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Out of all the amazing marketing techniques that exist these days, it’s a surprise to discover that email marketing is one of the best. Why? Because it sounds rather ordinary, don’t you think? I mean, in its broadest sense, it’s just sending an email to a client, right?

Email Marketing Can Be An Emotional Business

 If only it were so easy! There’s no doubt email marketing works, but there is definitely a skill to it. And it really should be part of your overall internet marketing on the Sunshine Coast.

Cost Effective Marketing

One huge bonus to email marketing is that it is extremely cost effective. There’s no media space to pay for, no big billboards, no extravagant events. What’s more, in most cases, you are marketing to consumers who are already engaged in your area of expertise. I’m talking, of course, about customers who have elected to be kept informed of your products and deals.

But what happens if they unsubscribe? It is estimated to cost seven times more to win a new customer, than to retain existing customers. And we all know customers can be fickle! So how can you keep them happy, engaged and on your subscriber list?

Check Your Reaction

One of the best ways of answering that, is to ask yourself the same questions. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer for a moment. You hop online and a load of emails start downloading. There are some you’re expecting, and some you’ve been waiting for. And then there are the marketing emails.

Which ones catch your attention? And why? Is it the colour, the style, the choice of fonts? What about the content? In my opinion, marketing emails that talk about real people and real places tend to be effective.

For example, an email marketing campaign for a travel company might feature a diary extract from a real traveller. Another, for a car company, might share one family’s experience with the vehicle in question, perhaps a happy day out.

Try a Little Empathy

What you are doing here is creating an empathy with the reader, giving them something to relate to, rather than blatantly trying to sell them something!

Incorporating an infographic into your email marketing is also a great tactic. It’s not only eye-catching but also delivers information in a fun, lively way.

So, having caught your eye, what do you notice next? Is the email a very general group email, or has your name been included? When I receive a marketing email that begins, ‘Dear Isobel’, I’m more likely to read it. I mean I’m not stupid – I know it’s a marketing campaign, but I like that personal touch.

Using Human Emotions

Remember, as with any marketing campaign, you’re tapping into human emotions here – and they are more powerful than you might imagine. In fact, research suggests that 95% of decision-making is based on emotions.

What sort of emotions prompt you to take action? Compassion is a very powerful one. An email marketing campaign for a charity, that shows starving children or homeless dogs, is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings, and there’s a good chance you’ll take action. We almost feel guilty if we don’t respond, right?

So, having captured the reader’s attention, and held their interest long enough to spark certain emotions, it’s time to strike! Even at this stage, if you don’t deliver, you will lose them. So, having used short bursts of text, and emotion-driven headlines, what next?

Make The Sale

This is where you can more fully explain the purpose of your email, and what you want the customer to do. At this point you need to be firm, but not too pushy. And you need to keep bringing them back to the action you require.

At this point, you’re almost there! But if there’s money involved, even for charity, this is the point where the reader will get the jitters and question their actions. So you need to re-stimulate those emotions, be they compassion or need or desire. 

Let’s say the product is a gorgeous leather handbag; she really wants it, but knows she doesn’t really need it. So at the payment stage, she’s questioning herself. This is where you show her the bag again, in all its glorious detail, just gently pushing her over the edge.

Technical Know-How

Email marketing may be about emotion, but there are also some technical must-haves. For example, the format must be mobile-friendly. If it doesn’t open probably on a mobile device, you’ll lose the customer.

If you’re using a mobile landing page, make it a good one. It is the quality of this page that drives millions of customers to contact businesses, and that number is increasing. And ensure you have a Click-to-call button.

Finally, and very importantly, we need to return to the concept of making this part of your general internet marketing on the Sunshine Coast. Along with your website and blogs, you must ensure all content is fully optimized for Search, particularly Local Search.

If you believe your Sunshine Coast SEO – Search Engine Optimization – might be lacking, it’s probably time you considered some professional advice and help.

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