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Fashion trends are not here to stay for long, as it keeps on changing. However, 2020 has seen some of the best fashion trends and about to see some more. With spring season knocking right at your door, the time has come to check out some of the best spring-centric fashion trends, widely portrayed on social media sites like Instagram and more. 

A few months back, over 100 fashion shows covered the spring market well and thoroughly. The first order among the lot covers the most impactful trends. Most of the promising trends were revolving around painted polka dots, artisanal crochets, and even some of the 60s wallpaper prints. Then you have hot pants, couture feathers, and even bold neon colors, which provide you with some ideas on what spring 2020 fashion looks like. 

The first addition is the disco collar:

If you think that the disco is out of the question, think twice. This wide collar is primarily favored by Studio 54, and it made a huge comeback to cover the 2020 spring collection. These collars are nicely embellished on the jackets, coats, and even on some of the button-downs. To top it all, you can’t seem to ignore the contrasting colors, which make these collars pop out in the crowd. Among all the available options, this disco collar seemed to be taking the front seat in the jacket form. If the jackets have contrasting disco collar, that’s a win-win situation for you then!

The use of garters and in so many styles:

You might have seen your grandmas flaunting colorful and designer garters. Some of them used to come well adorned in laces. But those were styles of the past. Well, let’s say, not anymore with spring fashion 2020 in the air. 

  • Traditionally speaking, garters were used for holding up stockings for women. Throughout this season, you might have seen its uses multiple times.
  • Check out some of the latest runways, and you can see the proficient use of garters literally and sometimes under the blazers, as seen at Mugler. For the latter, the use of garter results in some subtle odes to some Helmut Lang pieces.
  • You can think of adding this style in any way you want. It can be a part of your sultry date night look or can match perfectly with a cool tank. With such liberal use of it, the creative choices remain with the style icons. However, it is highly expected to show up on tops, skirts and dresses, all season.

The coordinated cardigan sets to wear at home:

You can see the knitwear and in multiple forms, covering the entire spring collection this year. Right from on top of dresses to wearing it as separates, you can’t seem to get it out of sight! Now, the best part about this trend is that it is straightforward to wear at home. All you have to do is consider wearing a matching top with the cardigan. Check out the Instagram fashion icons for their latest collections and how to work on them. They don’t have to buy automatic Instagram likes as their innovative styling sense helps them get more people.

  • Sometimes, you can try matching your cardigan with the t-shirts or your tank top. It is one excellent way to dress up if comfort is the first call in your mind. 
  • If you are trying to put some extra thought to dress up with minimal effort, then this style of matching tee with cardigan seems to be a smart choice to make.
  • On the other hand, it can easily pair this cardigan set on top of the pajama pants or can place it on top of jeans for a quick run to the nearby grocery store.

The promising use of feathers throughout:

If you ever think designers get bored with feathers, then think again! No matter how many seasons pass by, you can easily see the vibrant use of feathers in styling up dresses. The only difference lies in how feathers are used. Some might incorporate few feathers as lovely embellishments, and others won’t think of the quantity at all! 

  • In spring 2020, some of the fashion gurus, Burberry, Valentino, PrabalGurung, and more have shown yet another trendy style relating to feathers. 
  • Some thought of making a full dress out of it, and then you have others working towards just the sleeves. 
  • So for that quick touch-up of your daily pieces, feathers seem to be the lovely embellishments to watch out for.

How about the bra accentuation!

For some people, it seems absurd, but for the most, it is one style statement that can surely help you to stand out in the crowd. People have high chances of dressing up with more risqué, especially with so many new trends coming your way. Last year, you might have explored the world of the exposed thong. Now, let’s take 2020 up a notch with some bra details this time. Right from the sequin style to some exposed bandeaus, you get to see some of the best designs of undies, which you probably haven’t thought of in your wildest dreams.

Time for some floral imprints now:

The floral trend is always there, and you can see its variations every time you switch to Fashion TV. So, 2020 isn’t entirely different. The only difference is that flowers look more free-spirited and psychedelic if you know what that means! Here, you get to check in some cartoon-inspired graphics and make a part of your wardrobe for sure. You can easily match your floral printed blouses or tops with the same designed bags and even shoes. Let’s not forget accessories!

For completing your look and helping you to create new trends daily, try out these spring fashion ideas now. Some are hard to replicate, but most of them are made for your daily wear. So, once the corona pandemic is over, you can start styling up yourself yet again!

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. 

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