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There are many best practices in SEO. Trends are evolving daily. Therefore, it becomes a tad challenging to separate fact from fiction. You’ll be perplexed unless you have deep knowledge, understanding, and experience of website optimization and its current strategies and methods. You will find multiple misconceptions and hearsay surrounding SEO.

If you have a website or an e-commerce store online, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Yes, you must know the truth and then implement your optimization strategies concerning your website. Else, your site will be pushed down further in Google’s search results, making your business invisible to your prospective customers.

You will apply the wrong SEO strategies, resulting in traffic drop, poor lead generation, and missed sales opportunities. Take some time off your busy schedule to learn, research, and figure out the nuances of the different aspects of SEO. It will improve your website’s performance in driving sales. Dispelling the myths will help you to use the right optimization tactics that will work in favor of your website.

According to an article published on, Google keeps updating its algorithms, not once but multiple times to tell you the truth. Again, there are numerous important updates rolled by the giant search engine company. All of these updates give rise to misconceptions and half-truths surrounding SEO. In such a scenario, you start believing the myths and not the facts. Therefore, here are some of the popular SEO myths you must dismiss to avoid your website disaster and implement the right optimization tactics for better Google rankings:

SEO is a one-time job

It is nothing but a lie and misleading too. Keyword research, churning our quality content, placement of KWs, use of Meta titles and descriptions, etc, all are continuous processes and not a one-time activity. If you believe this myth, your website is doomed, as Google is updating its algorithms frequently, with new updates to offer users the best browsing and reading experience.

Use your logic and common sense. SEO is not a one-time job because it is a bundle of best practices to boost your web page rankings in Google’s search results. You’re expected to do periodic SEO audits annually to assess the performance of your business website and see it rank top on the first page of Google’s search results.

SEO is not something that you implement once and never care to change your strategies in the days to come. You can consult with reliable SEO in Adelaide
agencies if you have queries concerning your website optimization.

No matter if you are developing a new website or redesigning the current one, you must change your SEO strategies whenever necessary. If you sit back, act complacent, and never tweak your SEO methods in the future, your website will have poor rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs.

If Google cares about so many aspects to provide users with a pleasing experience, your website cannot become obsolete with age-old SEO techniques. It does not make sense. Consider keywords or KWs, for instance. There are multiple variations of search terms related to your business. The same rule holds true for your website SEO. Nothing is a one-time job that finishes and forgotten forever.

You can study your competitors but do not imitate their techniques solely. There are numerous other ways to make your website perform better when it comes to SEO.

SEO is nothing but a fraud

The myth prevails because there are a few fly-by-the-night SEO companies that use black hat tactics to boost website rankings and charge their clients exorbitantly. Then, it is not wise to generalize because of a few fraudsters in the industry. SEO is not a swindle because there are professional companies with trained SEO teams working hard to provide clients the best optimization results, leads, and sales.

Genuine agencies focus on driving quality traffic and improve user experience and they never promise you the top rank in the SERPs overnight. SEO takes time and is a consistent effort if you want to see positive results.

Content does not matter

Who says? Google values content and pushes websites and blogs up in the SERPs, which have unique and engaging content. Be it web copy, articles, guest posts, and in-house blogs, the information tells Google which websites or which KWs to rank in the search results. When it comes to the links, they inform Google about the method of ranking on a specific website. Content is king. Everything else that contradicts the fact is a lie.

Generate quality traffic through quality content and share your articles and blogs on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. When users love your post, they will like your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or share an Instagram product photo of your business. It gives you enhanced online visibility.


Dispel these myths and implement the right SEO tactics for better rankings in Google’s search results. Use unique content, appropriate KWs, stunning photos, and relevant Meta titles and descriptions for the best results.


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