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An optimum logo is appropriate, practical, unique, graphic and yet simple in form, and it surely conveys the owner’s intended message. 

An effective logo is that which can be printed in any size and without losing the A logo should be able to be printed at any size and, in most cases, be efficacious of its colours.

Thus an awesome design can be broken into two things: A great logo essentially boils down to two things: awesome concept and awesome execution.

Logo Design Process

 Logo Design Process

For many it’s a very easy job to design a logo as it is small in size, seem easy to do, so no problem, at all right? But this is when you are seeing the final result and not the hard work put by the logo designer. The logo is a work of thought and great creativity and combines to form one great design.

While creating a logo, a process must be followed to that the final design includes all the requirements of the clients. The article throws light on the process which shall be followed to be successful in designing.

Brief of the design

Asa very first step, you must prepare a questionnaire or interview the client to get the brief of the design what he has in his mind.


You must research well about the business, its competitors, and the history. Start designing later, first complete your research.


After gathering knowledge about the business and its competitors, you must look at logo designs which have successful recently which correlate to the design brief you got from your client. This factor helps you to incorporate longevity in your design.

Conceptualizing and Sketching.

Start designing your design around the research and brief. This is the most important part of the design process. You must be creative and unique. Sketch as you go along. Proceed further, and put ideas onto paper and don’t forget to keep all your sketches. These might help you to finalize your design eventually.

These sketches are also helpful for designing logos for other projects. Once you have put all your ideas on the computer, it is fairly simple to design on the computer. Sketching is a great way to enhance and evolve your imagination. Once you understand it, you will always begin from the whitepaper.

Revisions and repositioning

It is very important to get your design reviewed by your client. So that accordingly you can reposition some of the graphics, colours.


You must have present 2-3 designs to your client. It can be a pdf file. Although presenting your design and context in the form of presentation is the most effective way to get your designs.

Delivery and support.

You must deliver all the appropriate files to the client and make him understand the effectiveness of the design. You must always under-promise and over-deliver, it is the key to success.

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