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Creating a business blog is an important process for any business who wants to expand their online presence and be seen by the masses of online users.

Having a digital presence is imperative in this day and age, as information is so easily attainable through an internet connection and mobile devices.

Creating a Business Blog

But what do businesses need to take into consideration when creating a blog for their business? We have put together a short guide of three important factors to take note of through every step of your process:

1) Choosing the Right Platform 

Choosing the right platform to host your blog is vital, as each blogging platform brings something different to the table.

Your choice of blogging platforms will depend on a number of aspects, some of which include:

  • What kind of business you own?
  • What kind of content you will be publishing?
  • How much it will cost your business
  • Its storage capacity (important if you intend on using a lot of imagery)
  • How much customization can be achieved?
  • The level of SEO friendliness.

These aspects will help you narrow down the long list of platforms available and ensure that you choose the right one for your business.

To compare two very popular options – WordPress and Tumblr – WordPress offers users the option to create text heavy posts with the option to add images. Additionally, it offers a high level of customisation when you have purchased your own domain name (swapping from .com to .org). Whereas Tumblr is a short-form blog that allows users to post multimedia and other content and is not very customisation friendly.

2) Content is King 

The saying “Content is King” couldn’t be more accurate, as there are a number of ways, creating new, interesting and informative content will benefit your business through its blog.

Creating good quality content is important because:

It will improve SEO: your website will rank organically if you post content regularly that is 300 – 500 words in length, include internal links to relevant content, and contains keywords (which you or a SEO agency in Dubai has researched).

  • Increases engagement: great content encourages engagement with your brand, as they will stop to consume the information, ask questions, leave comments, and share it with their network of friends, family and colleagues.
  • Generation of leads and sales: the generation of leads and sales is increasingly important today, as there is a wealth of competition out there trying to do it better. Quality content will drive those leads and sales because it creates brand awareness without coming across as pushy.
  • Your product or services will have more value: if your content is well written and includes all of the points that answers your consumers’ questions, this builds a solid relationship between you and your customers, while teaching them something valuable they need to know.
  • Increases traffic: your customers will return to your website if you provide them with great quality content that is original and helpful, as the engaging content will encourage them to look around and interact with your website.·

3) Social Metrics 

Social metrics should not be an afterthought, as they make sharing your content easier and should be part of your strategic measures from the very start.

By adding something as simple as sharing buttons that link to all of your social media platforms on each post, your consumers will be able to share important information with those who need it, while promoting your company on a number of different social media platforms at the same time.

Setting up your company’s blog is going to take time and patience, as there are a lot of hurdles to overcome and steps to put into place to make it successful.

However, doing it right the first time and applying the above three important factors will make your life much easier later down the line and contribute to the success of your company.

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