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Artificial intelligence has already automated a lot of tasks. In future, it will change the way we do almost everything. However, it will never be capable of doing one thing – expanding the time. That means despite all technological revolutions, you will only have 24 hours in days, seven days in a week and 365 days in a year. Thus, we need to learn to work faster and do more in less time.

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Blogging is something that takes a lot of time. Thus, many business owners or internet marketers find it difficult to write excellent blog posts consistently. As an Internet marketer, you know that content is going to stay. And only high-quality content delivers the desired results.

Here are some tips that can improve your blogging speed and skills dramatically in short period:

Get Started

Many times you need to force yourself to get started. Otherwise, you may keep planning without doing anything significant. Thus, create an editorial calendar and push yourself hard to stick to it.  Sometimes, you may also feel that you are losing on business because of writing content as it doesn’t bring immediate revenue. However, don’t let your mind trick you. You only need to adjust your routine in the short-term to gain an advantage in the long run.

Many writers stuck in the beginning. They don’t know how to get started. I will suggest that do a brief research on the topic and start writing everything that comes to your mind.

The key is to get started without worrying about the quality, time, or anything else.

Work on Your Speed:

Blogging is not just about writing. It has several other components which consume a significant time. Publishing a regular blog involves activities such as gathering topic ideas, research, writing, editing, creating images, optimizing the article for the search engines, publishing the content, and promoting it on the web, etc. Here is a bifurcation of time spent on blogging by some bloggers at Buffer.

That means just 33% of the blogging time goes into writing whereas research, editing, and other activities consume around 23%, 15% and 29% of the total time respectively. If you want to write more in less time, you need to work on all four areas to boost your speed.

Here is how you can do it:

Idea Generation – Keep a small pocket-sized notepad with you. When you are not working – may be traveling, waiting at the airport, etc. – think about the titles and note down the title ideas. You can also use a smartphone for this purpose.  It is useful when you sit down and finalize the topic on which you are going to write the blog. Writing five ideas a day is more than sufficient to help you get going.


Persuasive arguments have to be backed by relevant facts and statistics. Thus, research is a must for writing excellent blogs. That is why research takes around 23% of entire blogging time. You can significantly reduce the research time by using Google Search tools. For instance, you can find relevant results by limiting the search results to a particular period. Similarly, you can search statistics on popular websites by typing queries such as “ keyword.” You can also use Google Advanced Search tools to find relevant information quickly.

In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable. However, inculcating the habit of specific searches on Google will save a lot of your time in future.

Writing Content

This is the area where most of the new bloggers struggle, partly because they are not confident about the outcome. To reduce time in writing content, you have to stop distractions and increase typing speed that improves with practice. According to research by TimeDoctor, people waste around 40% of their productive time in casual browsing. I have felt it myself. I recommend that you stop all tabs, mobile phones and everything else for at least an hour a day. That hour will be a work-hour when you will not scroll down Facebook or Twitter timelines or will not be opening a news site or YouTube.

Devote that time entirely in writing content. Write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t open the internet even if you need some help in research. You simply need to write the content based on prior research and your thoughts. You will see a dramatic jump in speed of writing.


Editing is as important as writing the content. That is why it takes around 15% of the entire blogging time. Since you have written content at a stretch, you might have written a lot of things that are unpolished, vague, or unrelated. At the time of editing, you have to read everything again, polish the content and make the necessary amendments. Grammarly is an excellent tool that can save 20-30% of your editing time. If your editing is good, writing will automatically take less time as you will know that errors will be fixed when you will make edits.

Content Publishing and Promotion

While preparing editorial calendar, many bloggers overlook the time required to publish and promote the content. It demotivates them later when they don’t meet the deadlines.

Use the following tools to accelerate and automate the content publishing and promotion:

Use Pablo, Canva, etc. for Image Creation & Editing. You can also use free stock sites to search for relevant images.

Wordable is an excellent tool to copy content from Microsoft Word or Google Doc to WordPress without losing the formatting.

Draft Scheduler Plugin is a useful plugin to schedule your blog posts. It works well with Wordable. Note that when you are using Wordable, you can schedule only one post at a time. Therefore, you can’t use default WordPress scheduler to schedule your posts, and that is why Draft Scheduler Plugin is needed.

Use Buffer to schedule and post your blog posts across various social media platforms.

Bottom Line

If you take around 1-2 hours to write and publish one 500 Words blog post, above techniques can reduce your time by 20-25 minutes. With practice, you can even save more time as you will discover new hacks to publish blogs faster than ever.

Author Bio:

Anthony Bergs is a project manager at writers per hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations into the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships.

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