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In this era of technology, some gadgets have become an inseparable staple of everyone’s life. One of those gadgets is a smartphone. Business, fun, study, browsing, navigational mappings, social interactions, virtual training and what not can be done with the help of these phones. Just name it and you have it as a Panacea for all your needs.

The smartphone comes with an inbuilt operating system which makes it capable of performing a uncountable number of functions. The computer is one popular example being run with the help of the operating system. Smart mobiles are nothing but portable computers that could fit in one’s hand. The only difference between a computer, a simple cell phone, and a smartphone is the mobile application. There are a plethora of applications developed for these phones which can be downloaded from app stores.

Smart mobiles are your personalized digital diaries which keep you organized and updated with important dates and days of your loved ones. Another highly useful feature of these phones is wi-fi connectivity. The Internet is playing an important role in every field and all the campus, cafeteria, office buildings are completely wi-fi enabled. You can get yourself connected and gain access to internet at any point of time.

Some interactive messengers like Skype, yahoo, whats app are quite popular and now available as an application on smart mobile. It enables users to interact with their relatives and friends who are far apart from them. Skype users can call each other for free and can buy talk time at a very nominal rate to call on landline numbers. Yahoo and whats app enables its user’s exchange pictures, videos and views for free.

Smartphones now come with high-resolution cameras. Even a low-cost smartphone has a 2 Megapixel camera in it. There are phones available in markets which range from 5 to 13 megapixel cameras and high definition display.GPS tracking is another prominent feature which is helping businessmen to a great extent. It doesn’t only help you guide the way and provides maps of the area you want to reach but also tracks the current location of your employees. In this way, you can keep a record of whereabouts of your resources.Emerin Elite SmartPhones are androids cell phones with superior features and advanced technologies. The low elite handset is must for people who require smart yet affordable mobile.

Smartphones have contributed a lot in making an individual’s life easy. Its increased set of users has replaced many things from everyone’s routine e.g. wrist watch, newspaper, map, laptop, and organizer. Today’s phones can perform all those functions efficiently which the above-mentioned things can do. With smartphones, a businessman can edit his presentation, a student can take virtual classes, a kid can play games and a homemaker can see the recipe of her favorite chef on youtube at any hour of the day.

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