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Computerization Era

It is fair to declare that we live in the computerization era. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who does not have a personal computer connected to the Internet. Modern processors have already transformed Medicine, Education, Mass Media and many other industries. For example, modern medical equipment allows for early diagnosing, computers help scientists conduct their experiments, laptops let people choose where to work from. The information that was once limited is now abundant. However, with this abundance, the quality of the published content is dramatically decreasing.

Computerization helps in automating manual and time-consuming processes. Thus, AI technologies are capable of streamlining production within many industries, including marketing. Automated content writing is the next step of progress. Some of the tools are already in commercial use. However, the question is whether an artificial text is sufficient and is of quality to be published online without editing and proofreading by humans?

How Does Automated Content Creation Work?

Content is one of the most influential things on earth right now. No industry would develop at a steady pace if not for marketing and text development. It usually takes time to find a good writer when it comes to handling complex tasks and presenting content that would succeed in terms of SEO. Naturally, many people work on finding a solution that would speed up this process and make it cheaper. These days, many companies consider investing in AI automation tools that would create articles to fit all parameters that exist online and provide interesting and detailed information to the readers.

If the company is small and does not have sufficient funds to hire suitable writers, automated content writing technologies might help. There are several tools available now that could help if you need posts of decent quality and quickly. However, they do not eliminate human participation; they simply help in data and word processing. Sometimes such, so-to-say, helpers can assist you when you have no time left to proofread the product. Be aware that many essay writing companies only writing services. Nevertheless, some platforms like this one, which could be found via search query write my essay offer customers additional proofreading and editing options. The reason to offer a human proofread is obvious – a machine is not able to make a proper stylistic analysis, while this is a general area of expertise for professional content creators. It means, that you can get high-quality articles cheaper while generating them by automated content creation tools and ordering additional expert review. Here is the list of top 7 AI content creation tools:

1) Word AI

Tools like Word AI function exactly like a human writer. It can evaluate the power of words and construct meaningful sentences. They are connected and coherent with one another. However, sometimes, the created text needs a human proofreader to make the content more readable.

2) Canva

This tool provides an opportunity to generate content as well as present it effectively by adding visuals like images and videos. It offers a great variety of templates as well as provides an opportunity to design your own leaflets and other promotional material.

3) Quill

Quill unveils the power of data and fulfills its potential. This helps human writers understand the concept better and describe it to the audience. In fact, it can really separate the information that is really meaningful and important and the one that is vague. This helps in saving writers’ time and reaching out to customers.

4) Wordsmith

Wordsmith is another tool that converts data into a narrative. Not every writer can understand the depth of auditing, automation, machinery or IT. This program helps turn complex things into simple ones that can be further adapted for the audience.

5) Wordlife

This is not a program but a plugin which was developed for WordPress. People can use it to improve search engine optimization results for every text they publish. It helps them increase the readability of the text and improve its relevance.

6) Phrasetech

This tool helps in managing a huge amount of different content while learning to apply your company’s special tone and features. For example, if the word or a combination of words is used in your texts several times, this program logically inserts them into further texts to meet the company’s tone.

7) Articoolo

Articoolo is capable of creating essays on its own. It writes an article the way a human writer would do it. It studies the concept and then writes the text on the given topic. It can even search for relevant resources by itself to present supported ideas and create a high-quality work.

Given all these examples, it is evident that technologies are evolving. Completely automated content creation is just a matter of time. However, human participation is still critically needed to make articles more targeted and readable. The fact is that human writers and editors still create more engaging and coherent writing. Professionals are also required to proofread the results received from automated content creation. At the same time, the future of AI tools looks promising, and we can expect significant advancements in content marketing in the future.

Authors Biography:

Mary Hampton is a freelance writer who has been working on different projects related to content marketing for over a year now. Mary is skilled in research and analysis since her job requires her to study every concept before writing about it. In this article, she shares her favorite tools that help in her work and explains the need for human writers, editors, and proofreaders in the near future.

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