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We all love to sue Facebook. Don’t we?

Well, just like you I and millions of others who use FB on a daily basis don’t spend quite some time on this social media platform and share our personal information on this tool. However, not many of us are aware of the fact that the information that we are sharing here is being sold by the company to advertisers.

Comes as a shock, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, this article will help you to avoid this shock and save you from being tracked by marketing companies on Facebook. 

Well, the answer to this comes in the form of blocking ad-tracking!

Blocking Ads

Now the question that comes here is how you can block this option? Following these steps mentioned below will help you in the cause –

1. Click on the lock icon on the Facebook page

Blocking Ads

2. Go to the settings menu

Go to the settings menu

3. Select the ads option

Select the ads option

4. Click on the edit option in individual section of ads

individual section of ads

This will reflect how your ID is being used in the ads seen by people. And, at the bottom of the window you will find there is a drop down menu named ‘pair my social actions with ads for’. From the drop down you need to select ‘no one’ as the option.

let us drift towards apps

That was all about ads! Now, let us drift towards apps.

Blocking Apps

Here are the steps that you need to follow for blocking apps from using your account in FB –

1. Click on the lock icon on the Facebook page

Blocking Apps

2. You can either choose to view the walkthrough (a blue dinosaur will help you in it) 

view the walkthrough

3. Or delve deeper into the matter by going to settings and then selecting the apps option.

delve deeper into the matter

4. This will put forward the list of company apps which apparently are following you on Facebook

following you on Facebook

5. Click on the show all option to ensure that you have the entire list in front of you.

entire list in front of you

6. Hover the mouse on individual apps to edit apps’ permission settings or simply delete it.

individual apps to edit apps

That’s about it!

Apart from all this, there’s another piece of information that can help you stay safe from this breach of privacy. 

Apps other use (in the settings)

This option will reflect you the data your friends see, which is being seen by the apps used by your friends. You can simply uncheck the boxes to share only that information which you want others to see.Apps other use

Sounds fairly simple

Sounds fairly simple?

So, what’s the wait? Pick up your personal computer and start with process of making your profile free of ads and apps. With a little effort, you can eventually get it all done!

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