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The fast wind of the cloud is everywhere now. Use of cloud computing, cloud storage, Public cloud and Private cloud have gotten popular. The cloud is creating a storm in the business world. According to a report by Forrester in 2014, the cloud market is estimated to reach $91 billion by 2020.

Human Resources

When thinking about Human Resource management, the cloud makes a lot of sense. Implementing a cloud-based HR Software in organization helps your HR staff in many ways, of which the three most important ones are-

Mobility and flexibility

The biggest benefit of moving HR related work to the cloud is the ability to access information from any device anywhere and anytime. Cloud software empowers employee by giving them the flexibility to access information.

A cloud-based HR software removes all the paperwork of the HR processes. Requests like days off, update personal information, etc. can be processed easily.

Easy to implement

Say goodbye to days spent going back and forth to different employees and managers to collect information. SaaS HR software have made this just a matter of few clicks. The innovation has let us integrate other organizational applications with HR software which reduces the efforts of implementing a software and does not interrupt the day to day work.


Should confidential HR data stay on the internet? Are the advantages of automatic HR work worth taking a risk? These questions haunt the companies who are still thinking about adopting a cloud-based HR software.

The security of data depends on the company hosting the HR software. Professional hosting companies  have strict policies in place to secure the data.

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