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Ola launches CarPooling and Bus Shuttle Services in India

Ola, India’s prominent cab aggregator is gearing up to add various fresh features to its service. The growing popularity of it among the Indian public has constantly put the Bangalore-based Transportation giant under pressure to come out with new additional features. And, Ola does not disappoint one bit. Car Pooling Feature of Ola Ola has […]

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Comprehending Enterprise Mobility along with its Destiny

Enterprise mobility details a change in the working style with lots of employees working from remote places and utilizing mobile and cloud services to carry out undertakings. This terminology not only indicates mobile workers and devices but also the versatility of information. defines a shift in the work habits, with more number of employees working […]

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Mobile Phones and Its Influence on Young Generation

The young generation is sickle to smartphones in the modern age. The Internet is the primary factor which depriving youngsters to their smartphones. The World Health Organization stated that the use of mobile phones in the young generation might cause many health hazards. The smartphone emits frequencies, and too much use of mobile becomes the […]

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Facts about Digital Transformation that you can’t ignore!

Digital transformation is in trend nowadays however it is still surrounded by a lot of confusion. Not every organization understands the benefits, risks, challenges and realities of digital transformation. Digital transformation will dramatically impact business today and over the next few years. The main problem is that business is not ready for the modern technology. […]

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15 Most Common PayPal Scams You Must Avoid

PayPal is the biggest online money transfer organization. Since long it has been in the business. Its fame and popularity brought a lot of people to it, and presently it is operating with millions of users and billions of money from all over the globe. Besides consumers, its fame has even attracted the cons to […]

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