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Forget Apps: Chatbots are the Future Engagement Tool for Businesses

This time last year, smartphone users were accessing around 9 different apps each day to carry out a number of different tasks – most notably, messaging friends and family. While apps may have been the tool of choice for many consumers in 2017, the development of AI technology is generating winds of change for how […]

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When Was the First Iphone released?

Q) When Was the First Iphone released? Ans: a. June 29, 2007 b. July 29, 2007 c. May 27, 2008 d. June 21, 2009

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Do Job Fairs Still Work?: The 2017 Employee Landscape

A lot of things can change in a matter of time. For sure, 2017 brings a lot of these changes for everyone – particularly those who are looking for a job. The employee landscape is no longer similar to what it was 5 years ago, which is why individuals should be more open to adjustments […]

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Apple Inc. History

Apple Incorporated was created by Steve Job and Steve Wozniak who were college dropouts. Apple was created on 1 April 1976. Their goal was to change the way in which people viewed computers and to allow the units to be small and compact enough for people to have in their homes and offices. A user-friendly […]

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IT & Networking to help your business stay safe

Managing someone’s networking requirements is tough, but IT support company in Los Angeles takes pride in being a reliable partner for businesses of all shapes and sizes when it comes to networking services. Dynamic networks We at SEO and Web Service understand the modern business needs dynamic business solutions. And, this is what we have been delivering to businesses […]

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