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marketing automation software

What Exactly Is Marketing Automation Software?

Managing a business can sometimes get you on a roller coaster ride. The growth of the business, advertisements, sales and customers all need special care. But what if I tell you that you can manage all at one place? You heard it right!! From engaging customers via sending them push notifications to manage their behavior […]

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Robotic Process Automation

Top 5 Robotic Process Automation Implementation Challenges To Tackle

With each passing day, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is accepted widely in the working sector. This concept of automation is gaining a lot of popularity because of the ease and efficiency it brings to the productivity of a business. But that’s only possible if it is handled accurately. But if not, it could create […]

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Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interface – Introduction, Types & Top Business Benefits

What Is API (Application Programming Interface): The full form of API is “Application Programming Interface”. Basically, it is an interface or communication protocol between a customer and the server designed to analyze the development of client-side software. In other words, API simplifies the rules and regulations according to which an application works.   Types of APIs: […]

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Applications Of Big Data

Applications Of Big Data Has Revolutionized Finance Industry

A new and very popular catchphrase in the realm of information and technology is Big Data. This actually refers to the quantitative methods that involve collection and analysis of huge amounts of data and information that cannot be managed manually. You will see a lot of use of this special technology in hospitals, educational institutions, […]

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Open Source Collaboration Platform

Five Competitive Advantages of Using Open Source Collaboration Platform

As the businesses keep expanding, their business processes and strategies keep getting complex, with the increasing workforce. Thus, it is necessary to have a medium that will connect the complete team together and help in the effective sharing of information. This is where the open source collaboration platform helps in the best manner. This kind […]

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