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Remote Database Management

7 Key Paybacks for Small Businesses Considering Remote Database Management

As in the case of the Fortune 500 companies and the front-line organization, which now primarily rely on data-centred business operations, small businesses too now know the implications of data in this digital age. Information is considered to be the most valuable asset of the company, and organizations of all sizes need to take appropriate […]

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3 Crucial Things To Consider When Buying A Modem

Despite the proliferation of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and LTE networks, several households still turn to cable internet service providers (ISP) to have continuous access to the internet. These companies usually allow their subscribers to rent modems for home use. But some homeowners want to use their modems, especially if they have their specifications in mind.  If […]

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MilesWeb Review: Are They Really As Good As They Claim To Be?

In case success had a face, it would have looked similar to Magento. You might be thinking why have I am doing this comparison? Of course there is a reason behind this. This isn’t because I prefer Magento for ecommerce but the prime reason is due to its excellent features, commendable structure, friendly navigation and […]

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Machine Learning Applications

7 Best Machine Learning Applications in Digital Marketing

Exploring the great potential of artificial intelligence that exists in the business is no longer a hard and fast rule to adapt. Many of the companies have already discovered that technology makes progress rapidly. It is evident that now machine learning Applications and marketing are directly interlinked to each other.  In this growing fast world, you […]

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marketing automation software

What Exactly Is Marketing Automation Software?

Managing a business can sometimes get you on a roller coaster ride. The growth of the business, advertisements, sales and customers all need special care. But what if I tell you that you can manage all at one place? You heard it right!! From engaging customers via sending them push notifications to manage their behavior […]

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