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How to SEO Your Site: The Basics of SEO Site Optimization

Do you want to know how to SEO your site? If so, you came to the right place. Search engine optimization is more complex than just putting a few keywords on your website. It requires diligence and dedication that can’t be accomplished in one day. You know the saying, Rome wasn’t built in one day […]

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WordPress SEO Guidelines and Best Practices

While Working in the SEO industry, something we see a lot will be the WordPress cms (CMS). WordPress is easy to deploy and use no matter what industry your business operates. With a couple of clicks and highly optimized SEO keywords by Keyword Planner in your high prepared content by book-reports-com you could possibly get […]

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9 Myths and Misconceptions People Have About Link Building

Link building has been one of the strongest strategies to improve one’s ranking on search engines. However, back when SEO was being introduced, there were fewer rules and penalties to worry about. The introduction of Google’s Penguin update has changed the way Google views link building. There is no doubt that link building can be […]

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Paid Search and SEO

Using Paid Search and SEO Together: Ways That You Should Be Aware Of

SEO and paid search are responsible for working in several ways of getting visitors to the business website. Paid search is capable of building immediate results but it is also expensive. On the other hand, search engine optimization is almost free of cost but the efforts of optimization can undoubtedly take a lot of time […]

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What Is Link Building and How It Works?

In this world of technology, everything runs through the internet. Starting from online shopping to online bills payment, everything is getting digitalized. Then why not business? Previously, the concept of business was different. Every operation was done manually. There were different tools to popularize your brand. However, in this world of technology today link building […]

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