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In SEO, there can be a problem when the keywords are not planned well. The results can turn out to be worse than expected because the keywords are not written in a proper manner and not chosen in a proper way. However, long tail keywords are more proof against changes in algorithms of the search engine […]

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What You Should Do If Your SEO Rankings Just Dropped

You feel exhaust initially. And the same you feel excite when you see you in the first page of Google after a months of rock-breaking efforts. But when the same ranking goes invisible, you may go into frustration. Undoubtedly, it is not just the case of you or any SEO, each and every SEO comes […]

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Understanding Technical SEO

There are two major types of SEO you can perform: organic and technical. Organic SEO refers to the things you do to bring people to your website by using unpaid search results. Usually, this involves posting lots of content, something that we at SEOjury are very familiar with. Content helps generate interest in your website […]

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Tips to Find the Best Long Tail Keywords That Attract Tons of Traffic

Keywords phrases that are more specific and preferred by searchers (when they’re sure of   they want) are referred to as the ‘long tail keywords’. Despite having low search volume, these keyword phrases convert really well. Once you know how to use long tail keywords, these can be really valuable. Long Tail Keywords for SEO – […]

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10 Marketing predictions you should prepare for in 2017

Why you need social video marketing to propel your brand? people buy what they need based on feelings and emotions, social video marketing creates an emotional connection between your audience and your brand. Your video is the first thing that comes to their mind, anytime they need the service you render.

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