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Google AMP And It’s Impact On Your SEO Strategy

Let’s Talk About AMP In Bit Details Before discussing anything about their impact on your SEO strategy, let’s try to understand what exactly are Google AMPs(Accelerated Mobile Pages). Let me tell you that Google AMPs are nothing but Accelerated Mobile Pages, which were introduced by the company back in October 2015 with an intention to […]

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Why Facebook Still Top the list of Social Media Sites?

With 1.84 billion active users per month, Facebook is unarguably the best social media the world will ever have. You will be surprised at the fact that despite of being banned in countries like China, Russia; Facebook  continues to dominate the social media world. Though, new social media networks are emerging and growing at high pace, […]

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How to Create Awesome Blog Posts When You have less time

Artificial intelligence has already automated a lot of tasks. In future, it will change the way we do almost everything. However, it will never be capable of doing one thing – expanding the time. That means despite all technological revolutions, you will only have 24 hours in days, seven days in a week and 365 […]

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Getting Likes On Instagram Pictures Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

The trend nowadays has made it mandatory for everybody to be on social media, not just be present on social media but have an ample amount of followers or friends. It is not just the case for business but very important for an individual as well. There are a lot of platforms where people connect […]

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7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism and Make a Google-Friendly Website

As you might know, Google Search doesn’t like duplicate content. Even though it will not get you banished, it will harm your ranking in a way that you can’t predict. Plus, your target audience is looking for fresh and original content, not something they have found before. So doing it won’t help you in anyway. […]

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