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Which of the following statements about FFA pages are true?

Answers: • They are greatly beneficial to SEO • They are also called link farms • They are paid listings • They contain numerous inbound links

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Which of the following actions could get you banned by Google?

Q) Which of the following actions could get you banned by Google? Answers: • Hiding text on the webpage • Stuffing keywords on the webpage • Linking to sites banned by Google • None of the above

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Do you have previous experience? If so, do you have some examples?

Ans: Yes, I have worked on quite a number of similar projects in the past. You can check out my detailed portfolio to see the projects that I have worked on and delivered successfully in the past.

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What is a lightbox ad

Ans: A cross-screen expandable ad format that optimizes for taps/swipes on mobile and mouse-overs/clicks on desktops. A remarketing specific ad format to announce new features of your app. A type of ad format that shows extra information (“extending” from your text ads) about your business. A mobile text ad Bottom of Form.

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Tips to find the best search engine marketing firm

Are you looking for a search engine marketing firm for your business? Considering the fact that there are so many options available out there, it becomes imperative that you choose the right one for your needs. So, how can you do that? Well, listed below are some of the tips that can help – Always […]

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