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_________ is usually the best web page to get linked to while receiving a themed in-bound link from another website.

Answers: • The sitemap • The contact page • The home page • The page which you would like to improve in the search engine rankings

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Which of the following search engines or directories provides the directory search results for Yahoo?

Answers: • Windows Live • Yahoo Directory • Google • Wikipedia • DMOZ

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A Hallway Page is used to:

• Attract visitors from the search engines straight onto the Hallway Page • Organize the Doorway Pages • Help people navigate to different Doorway Pages • Enable search engine bots to index the Doorway Pages

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What is the main reason for the effectiveness of optimizing a webpage towards a long tail keyword search?

• There are more long tail searches than shorter keyword queries • Search engines often pass on long tail searches to lesser known and new websites • Search engines do not pass on long tail search traffic to websites that rank high for shorter keyword searches • There are fewer websites that have targeted such […]

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