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Have you heard if a football player uses something in their shoes to speed up and reach the ball faster? Or have you heard a gold club can loft the ball at a greater distance? In general, technology is not playing a great part in the operations of these sports. Definitely, there are many areas where it can play an important role in improving the game through software like shot analysis, swing analysis, and charts to understand the sport in a better way.


If we talk about Paintball, there has been a good improvement and many equipment manufacturing and service companies are now ramping up and improving their equipment and technology day-by-day.

However, significant improvements are still required to make this game better for players. The innovations and advancements should help the players to compete better. All equipment starting from an essential item – Gun requires upgrades in its firing and other related operations.

Let’s find out the changes done till to make this game better and what improvements can be done to achieve better results:-

Design changes

The marker design quality has been significantly improved by the companies. Many companies did critical changes in the design structure by removing all shortfalls of the usual and conventional poppet design and making it more modular and friendly.

Though most of the positive points were retained, major changes were done to achieve a user-friendly form factor. The idea was to shoot better in a hassle free manner and the marker does not require heavy maintenance at all.

Improved lever systems

The lever system in the gun plays an important role to shoot better and far. However, previously players complain that it often get struck and reduces the chances of their winnings. A very wrong picture in the mind of the players created that the game is not worth playing for and anyone can get undue advantage depending upon the quality of the lever and not the skills of the player.

So, the service companies discussed this issue with the manufacturing companies. And after research, the lever shape and functionality was considerably improved to play the game better. After recent changes, the lever was re-introduced in the form of a CAM shape and was placed right above the trigger to fasten the movement of the shoot.

The CAM shape lever was integrated with an L-shape long lever and high-quality spring coil was used to bind the L-shape lever and enable the hassle-free movement of the paintballs quickly at a much faster speed as compared to the old combination.

When the user hits the trigger to shot the ball, the L-shape lever in coordination with the CAM style trigger shoots the ball quickly.

A black shape shaft helps the CAM shape lever to move quickly without any hassles.

Generally, the lever present between the rammer and the valve has major benefits as compared to the conventional methods of directly-linked knock open-systems. In a conventional system, the force required to open the valve and the rate at which the shot is made was significantly less.

Easy Maintenance

In the starting years, players faced tough days to maintain the equipment. Today, with uni-body innovations, opening the inline regulator, LPR, valve plug, exhaust valve, and valve guide can be easily done without opening a single screw.


With technology coming in the picture to design and test equipment on the computer software like CAD, many mechanical engineers started innovating with Ergonomics of the equipment. This resulted in much light-weighted equipment with solid grips and less susceptible to twisting.

The electrical engineers have also worked to create processor inside the gun equipment to automated various mechanical process and improve the quality of the processor, improve eye logic (system can determine and try to lock the target like real guns or rocket launchers), backlit, and LCD’s to improve the visibility under direct sunlight.

Many personalized splash screen design options, firmware updates, and custom profile settings have been included also.

So, we sense that technology has come a long way and countries are adopting it. If we take a particular city like Istanbul and relate to Istanbul paintball game leagues, we see that many such changes in the equipment were observed. And more are expected to roll over in the coming years not only in Istanbul, but in other parts of the world like USA, TK, India, and China etc.

So, after reviewing the changes; it’s time to find the changes required to play this wonderful game in a better way:-

1. Improvements in the type of shots

The back end system in the gun should improve considerably to choose the type of shots (set by the manufacturer on a chargeable basis OR set on the basis of points earned by the player). For this, the electrical engineers need to code an embedded module with proper algorithms to ensure the gun shots are on par with virtual guns used in big games.

2. Improved processor

The processor of the equipment is the ‘heart’ and improvements are requirements from the perspective of security, speed, and accuracy.

3. Shooting distance

Most important is the shooting distance. It’s important to continuously improve the system inside the gun to considerably shoot at large distances easily and hassle-free.

So, system improvements can help us play this game better. It’s just that more agile developments are required.

Can we expect changes like a paint nuclear launch where the player can set the location and shot the paint at the player similar to a nuclear missile launch? It may feel augmented reality for us however, we still have confidence and if we relate to Paintball Istanbul leagues, we remain confident that more service companies in Istanbul and other parts of the world will spend money to introduce more innovations and create equipment and backend system for smooth and hassle-free playing.

Can we expect the Paintball to have smaller balls similar to what is shown in Harry Potter Movies so that number of shots can be more? Like Micro balls?

We don’t know, but we just hope for the best!

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