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Economical Shared Hosting

So many web hosting companies offer web hosting services, but it is still difficult to find the best. You must only look for an excellent provider for web hosting in India.

Sometimes you will find the top web host, but they will be expensive.

So what to do that help you find the best and most affordable hosting services? Well, you need not worry as you are on our page. We will help you to deploy best unlimited web hosting for your website

Before that, I would suggest you understand what is shared hosting so you know whether it will offer you value or not.

Web hosting services are vital for websites. It gives them a life on the internet. Otherwise, they are just pages with no existence.

When you go for web hosting services for your website, it gets published. Then only then visitors can browse the site and show their interest. From so many hosting providers, MilesWeb is the leading hosting solution. They are best at what they offer and have helped over 40000 in the past ten years.

MilesWeb is incredibly a good option to choose. They will not only be economical but will also provide the quality shared hosting services you need.

What is Shared Hosting?

A shared hosting service is a hosting type where you get a space on the server and sufficient resources. Initially, websites do not require too much space. They are new, so every bit of resources offered in shared hosting is enough.

Here you share the space and all allotted resources with many other users. Since there is sharing, the cost of hosting is low. That is why it suits beginners perfectly.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting Services

MilesWeb provides three shared hosting service plans. The packages are subject to the website’s requirements. A Tyro plan is appropriate if you have a single site with few requirements. After the 70% offer, that will cost you only Rs. 60 per month.

The discount is subject to terms and conditions. You are eligible for the deal if you buy the plan for at least three years. Otherwise, you will be required to pay regular monthly charges of Rs. 200.

There are also other plans available, such as Geeky, Rapid and Turbo.

The Geeky plan is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. You can host one website.

After the discount, the Geeky plan costs Rs. 99 per month and Rapid pan costs Rs. 150 per month.

If you want to host multiple small-to-medium sized websites, you can choose the Turbo shared hosting plan. After the offer, that will cost you Rs. 255/m. It is a good deal for hosting unlimited websites, and you should take advantage of it.

If you are a developer or have a large number of clients, you can host their websites on your server. This will provide you with an additional source of income in addition to your regular income.

It is a good deal at a lower price and will provide good value. In addition, all shared hosting plans include best-in-class features. This will assist you in improving the surfing experience of your visitors.

The following are the features that are included with shared hosting plans:

Free Domain

If you choose a Turbo shared hosting plan, you’ll get a free .com domain for the first year. To get the domain for free, you must purchase the plan for at least 1-3 years.

SSL Certificate for Free

MilesWeb offers one free SSL certificate with each of its shared hosting plans. This will replace HTTP with HTTPS in your URL and provide traffic with a secure surfing experience.

24×7 Human Support

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact MilesWeb’s expert team via live chat or email tickets at any time. They will provide you with immediate assistance.

Money-back Guarantee

MilesWeb provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Even if they are the best hosting provider, you can request a refund within the first thirty days if they do not meet your expectations.

Website Creator

You can create a free creative site using the free website builder tool, included with shared hosting plans. There are thousands of templates available. That means you can select one and begin using the drag and drop function.


Shared hosting is a good solution for new business websites or blogs. It will fit into your budget while providing the best resources and features available.

MilesWeb also includes tons of features with all plans. You will enjoy some free features as well, like a free .com domain, free SSL and a website builder tool.

If you have low-budget, MilesWeb will perfectly fit your financial goals. They are not expensive and offers 24×7 complete human support. As a new user, you will also enjoy some discounts.

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