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 One of the most up and coming professions in the world right now is blogging. Apart from the normal blogs that you find written for companies or for personal recreational activities, many are looking to turn this passion and flair for writing into a full time profession. Blogging has taken off extremely well in the fashion hemisphere and if you are looking to really make a change and if you are equally interested in the art of fashion, then fashion blogging is something that you can definitely look into.

However, along with fashion even travel, agony aunt columns, DIY and more types of blogging have carved a niche for themselves in the internet. Bloggers go through a lot to gain followers and increase the hits on their sites but that has all gotten easier with many brand bloggers marketplace cropping up! These have a lot of advantages and if you are a keen blogger, here is how it can help you!


As an online influencer, you need to be able to contact brands in order to endorse their products and earn money in the process. This is not very easy considering that the brands already have an established base of influencers. However, in order to help you as well as the brands grow, these platforms and blogger networks in India approach brands and get them to upload their campaigns on the website. This is very helpful as the platform provides the brand with fresh talent and endorsements while the bloggers can expand their network with ease!

 Apply for campaigns

If you are a blogger for a particular field such as travel, fashion and more, you will need to apply for campaigns that are relevant field. The best part about the blogger network and these platforms is that you can easily apply for the same with the simple touch of a button. The communication works both ways as the brands can also contact you for your services. This easy connect is a big plus and one of the main reasons why you can work as bloggers for brand launches and increase your scope with ease!


Once you are approached by the brands or your offer is accepted by the brand, all you need to do is write done the blog and voila! You are done! The blog piece goes for review and if it gets accepted, you can publish the blog and just send the URL to the brand. Your reach will be higher and you will be officially an influencer for a brand! Working with brands means you need to be able to understand their style and essential topics in order to get your blogs approved in the first go itself!


Since you are communicating with the brand directly, you will get paid instantly once your blog gets published! The money is in the bank, your reach is higher and the brand is happy. It’s a win-win situation!

Since you are communicating

 Having a blogger network will help you discover new fields and passions as well as make you visible enough for new brands to contact you. Websites such as Blogmint is great for the same because the user journey is simple and the interface definitely helps you improve your blogging experience by taking it up a notch!
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