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As a Content Manager myself, I know for sure that it’s important to be up-to-date with even changing tendencies business word throws at us. Years ago just having website was enough but today, sorry, you are one in a million and if you want to be successful, you have to be special. So blogging is not something new, but it’s the way to keep in touch with your audience. Now, I am going to tell an evident thing that just having a blog is not enough but what actually we should do to succeed? I am not an SEO guru but can share my experience I had creating our job search & career blog.

Content for the Sake of Content

I am going to start with this point because even if you attract lots of visitors, they will not read boring and useless articles and, of course, you will not gain your aim. So number one tip is creating only highest quality posts. Probably you have already read lots of tips about article length and frequency of posting. Yes, in the perfect world it works but as most marketers are short of time and resources. So better post rarely but only worthy pieces of writing. In fact, there are bloggers, who have only 5 articles in their blogs but became super popular with them, and in the following points I am going to tell how they achieved such result.

  • Keyword Research

The first topic we decided to write for Resume Writing Lab blog was “Job Search Tips”. We created a really helpful guide but it never appeared in the top google search. Guess why… Just have a look at the list of top results


Agree, it’s difficult to compete with Forbes and Huffington Post. So before deciding what topic to write about, think about keyword difficult. It will be easy to analyze hundreds of results using Ahrefs tool for this purpose. In fact, we use this service for planning every post, as there are much more opportunities for research. In fact, long tail keywords often have greater potential turning readers into your customers.

  • Content Experiment

If you hope to find the instruction about the content type that drives tons of traffic, don’t waste time because your business needs individual approach. Start with competitor analysis. SEMrush is the tool that can help in such kind of research. And also tracking your competitors’ activity in Facebook will help a lot, as there you will see which type of blog posts got more likes and shares.  Creating a job interview checklist infographic was a great decision for our company. First of all, this is the most shared content type in social media. Moreover, we got quality back-links from authority website and it was even translated into several other languages. But what even exceeded our expectation is that one Korean University used our infographic to print a huge banner for their career centre.

  • Unique Images

We already know that content with relevant images get 94% more views but how to choose the right graphic element for your blog? There are awesome designers’ blogs that give useful tips about the colours and types of images to use. You can also find lists with websites like Pixabay that offer a great number of free pictures to use. But do you remember we’ve decided to be special? That’s why, Image that was used for hundreds of websites is not our choice. By the way, it’s another way to get backlinks. You can use google reverse image search to track who used your blog pics.

  • Promotion

Content itself is only the first step of content marketing strategy. Devote enough time to the post promotion. Start with social media and decide which one works best for you. For example, we can share our job search post in numerous Facebook groups but it will get three times more engagement in LinkedIn. It’s not surprising because this social media is devoted to employment and career. So you need to detect your number one tool and work smart not hard to go viral. Turn your successful posts into slides, videos and infographic and share them on relevant websites.

Yes, creating a blog post takes a lot of effort, patience and inspiration but when you start, you see that it’s rewarding and inspires you for constant growth and development.

Author Bio:

Victoria Vein is a Content Manager of Resume Writing Lab, Company that provides people with online resume writing services. Being aware that online marketing is a constantly developing industry, she is fond of digging for new solutions that makes customer’s journey more exciting.

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