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YouTube Channels for Learning to Code

In the era of technology, coding is the single most marketable skill right now. Even as technology is evolving and pushing most people out of jobs, the tech market is really growing.  From basic skills like building a website to complex tasks like building software, everything has programming at its core. As the demand is soaring, the prices of these programming courses are also getting expensive. However, even in these dire situations when knowledge is being monetized, YouTube is becoming an open source of knowledge sharing.

Now, more people are learning all the basics from YouTube, even professional programmers draw towards YouTube when they are stuck in any project. Most of the coding videos on YouTube are an hour long; some are crash course playlists, while others might take you a few days to complete. To make sure you can bookmark all these things and watch full courses without worrying about the data cap, we recommend my Spectrum. Spectrum offers blazing-fast speed, and seamless connectivity regardless of your location. Moreover, you can also opt for the Spectrum bundle that includes unlimited voice calls, TV, and internet.

Best YouTube Channels for Learning to Code

YouTube is filled with programming courses and coding hacks that can help you learn all the basics. However, there are so many different channels and each channel has countless videos. For a new user, this can be a little confusing.

To resolve this issue, here are some of the best coding channels that can help you learn all the basics and gain in-depth knowledge of different programming languages.

1- The Net Ninja

Subscribers: 1.07 Million

Recommended for: Complete coding courses in all languages

Standout theme: Multiple languages and crash courses for people of all ages and all skill levels

As a beginner, if you are struggling with the coding courses in your class, this YouTube channel will save you time and your GPA.  Net Ninja is one of the best coding channels on YouTube and offers complete programming courses in multiple languages like JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, and MongoDB. It also has some basic scripting languages like HTML & CSS. Moreover, it has some advanced languages like PHP & MySQL, Laravel, React Native, and even Flutter.

The best thing about this channel is that everything has a series-based playlist. Each video in the playlist starts from introductory videos and takes you to detailed programming. In addition, you will get a lot of practical examples from each lesson so you can learn about its real life use. A Manchester university graduate owns the channel so; you can be certain that you are in good hands.

2- CS Dojo

Subscribers: 1.89 Million

Recommended for: Beginner with no to little knowledge and skill level

Standout theme: Complete practical application of each language along with algorithm work

Fitting the perfect Asian narrative, this YouTube channel offers you complete coding details and explain it much better than your homeschool teacher explains. Owned by an Asian, this channel has multiple playlists in different languages for different skill levels. Even for a beginner, there are simple videos that can help them learn some basics.

The best thing about this channel is that it does not stop at the beginner level; instead, it grooms people into professional coders. From the professional projects handling to preparing for interviewers, this channel offers everything.

3- Derek Banas

Subscribers: 1.22 Million

Recommended for: Creative learning, coaching, and mentoring

Standout theme: On-demand learning playlist of different tech topics and coaching language

This channel is for everyone who is still discovering their interests and new ideas. The YouTube channel caters to almost every topic from complex things like machine learning to fun things like cooking. People who find creative things interests must subscribe to this channel. Moreover, viewers can request on-demand courses based on their interests and the creator make a playlist for them as well.

This is a basic channel for coding, machine learning, and overall life coaching so you can keep in mind that there will be plenty of things to learn. However, with such a vast variety of content, you might struggle with finding what you are looking for.

4- TreeHouse

Subscribers: 361 K

Recommended for: Professionals teaching people who want to build their career

Standout theme: Multiple languages, advice, mentoring, coaching, and hacks

For any newcomers who are just starting their learning route, this channel is ideal. The best thing about the channel is that you can start with YouTube courses and then see if you would like to upgrade to a paid online learning service. Initially, it started as a paid online service platform but its free YouTube courses are also good. The courses mainly cater to fresh graduates and professionals who struggle with a few topics.

You will get a lot of things including life coaching as a programmer, live coding sessions, and some of the famous programming languages. The channel also includes a simple breakdown of complex projects, and divides them into bite-size concepts for easy understanding.

5- Academind

Subscribers: 851 K

Recommended for: Programming insights and coding practice

Standout theme: In-depth knowledge of each language with crash courses and lengthy hour-long courses

This is one of the most diverse and successful YouTube channels for learning programming. The channel includes detailed crash courses about each programing language with a detailed guide. You will also get courses in different scripting languages, designing languages, and other coding languages.

The channel is ideal for beginners who are struggling with their academic career, or professional career. Apart from the basic coding courses, you will also get an in-depth course on individual language, and shortcomings of different coding languages along with the basic tutorials and replacement. This channel is ideal for tech-savvy people as it offers updates about new skills in the market, software, and other tech-related topics.

Wrap Up

In the cutthroat tech world where everything is being automated, the only way to retain your job is to have some basic knowledge of coding. However, most coding courses are expensive but these open-source YouTube channels are excellent for a kick start.


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