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A person chooses a career instigated by various factors. Among such factors Behling has a theory that can help an individual to choose correct career in their life. The factors are of three types: Objective, Subjective and Critical contact. These three factors control the process of choosing a career by an individual. Considering the applicant rational the first theory works, i.e., objective factor theory. The jobs choose by using this factor is judged by the tangible aspects of a job. Opportunities for future enhancements, salary and place work is scrutinized in this factor while choosing a career. While in subjective theory, the decision of a job is taken by the society and psychological aspects for an individual. The status of jobs, atmosphere of the work place, and the regulations are the things that are judged in subjective theory in choosing a career. In the last aspect of theory, the job seekers interact with the employer and understand the situation and work place. Interaction plays a vital role in choosing that career.  This theory is most useful for the experts and the professionals. All the three theories of choosing career, emphasis on the free will of the employee to choose his job and career in their life. But the present situation and lack of suitable jobs compels the employers and the employee to compromise their will and chose a job to satisfy their needs. In many markets employee choose what is available for them and adjust in that atmosphere for jobs and to avoid unemployment. According to the experts of USA, some key factors that to be examined are: natural talents, working will, skill to present his work and the mental strength to fight for their job.

After this above discussion it is clear that there is no particular theory present in market that can help an individual to choose right career. But some people in Kolkata are trying to help the persons by giving SAP training. SAP is software that is adopted by many markets and they are trying to offer a better career choosing factor. The well trained educators of this institute teach their students with care and tenderness. After completing the training they offer jobs with high salary. SAP offers better atmosphere both in training and in work place. So, the person seeking good career can undergo this training. For more details please visit

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