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5 Ways to Build Your Brand on Social Media

According to recent researches, social media became a huge part of most agencies’ and companies’ SEO strategy. According to Econsultancy, more than 70% of surveyed companies consider social media marketing to be an important part of the strategy and prefer it to mobile, email and digital display marketing. This was a predictable behavior after encouraging SEO analytics and marketers that social links were valuable at overall ranking for Bing and Google. 

What people are looking for? Isn’t it the big question? With the popularity of social media, most people prefer social media links to official websites when looking for certain information online. A website plays a role of visit card for most agencies and companies, but social network keeps you up-to-date and figures out company’s personality.

1. Quality is always better than quantity 

There are still plenty of various arguments around likes, retweets, and reposts, the number of subscribers, etc. Most experts consider these means to be useless for ranking but they do agree with the idea of the indirect influence of mentioned means. Google Webmasters published video explaining that they consider the reputation of Facebook and Twitter accounts for ranking. It means that the availability and relevance of information are important as well as a number of real people instead of bots among subscribers and reposters. 

The quality of the content itself is also essential. According to latest SEO trends, attractive content with real value to the audience is more appreciated then content full of chaotic keywords for the search engine. A good advice is to hire a professional writer from essay writing website like custom essay order who will take care of your audience oriented content.

2. #identity

Use unique hashtags. Today they are everywhere – on Twitter, InstagramFacebookPinterest, Google + and all over across the digital social world. Every SEO analytics realize the importance of hashtags as meta tags, and every social network marketer faces its importance for brand identity and promotion online.  Many companies have their own strategies on hashtaging like #HaveaBreak for Kit Kat, #BeaHero for GoPro, #PutACanOnIt for Red Bull. What’s interesting about it? Yes, there is no brand name inside. 

You can create hashtags starting with your brand name and some other word like #SamsungTips. Note that this won’t work for fresh companies which need social promotion. It is better to create a hashtag campaign recognizing your brand. If the campaign is good you’ll soon recognize other people using this promotional hashtag to promote their daytime, activities, findings, achievements, food o drinks, creativity or anything else.


3. Social media is a search engine as well

When considering promotion campaign of your new brand think of the nature of social networks. People come here to communicate, share thoughts and ideas, they look for contacts or information. There is some live information like feedbacks, advice, contact information, non-official photographs and other which can be found only in social networks. This is another reason to create valuable content for potential clients of your brand. Recognize and give people what they are looking for inside Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

4. Hire a community manager

Promoting new brand is a job of marketers, but answering questions and fulfilling any requests asked on your profiles is a job of community manager. No matter how young your brand is, it is important to answer with the shortest period of time. Why is it so important and how it deals with SEO? It keeps customers satisfied and profiles alive. It is not a secret that active accounts are ranked better than passive, so professional community manager is an important part of every promotion strategy. 

5. Paid campaigns

When starting to build your brand identity online the best decision is to start with paid campaigns. This will grant profiles with appropriate relevancy which is the first step in building a brand in social networks. Paid campaigns allow gaining subscribers, their reposts and shares which are valuable for future identity. Once the level is reached profiles can exist without paid promotion.

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