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Earlier, all the salespeople used to rely on a system in which they would first collect leads, followed by categorizing them, and then manage them. They used to manage the entire task manually. Well, during those days, there was nothing wrong in following this cumbersome and manual system. But if you are a salesperson and still relying on this method, then I would be worried for you. 

Why? Because it would suck up all the time which you could otherwise invest in doing your main job, which is selling. Besides, why would you want to stick to a manual system when everything in the world has gone digital? 

So, are you looking for a better way to do the needful? Well, CRM is the answer.

CRM is the solution that has nowadays gained a lot of popularity in the sales world. It is a system that makes it easy for organizations to manage the flow of business relationships and related data in one place. Such data may include customer’s information, including their name, contact information, lead status, and much more. 

CRM platforms focus directly on customers, and HubSpot CRM is one such powerful tool that excels in empowering businesses to build relationships with their customers and take conversations with them to another level. 

This eventually helps the businesses to grow by increasing their revenue as they use the information provided by customer data flowing in from various channels, including website visits, phone calls, and social media interactions.

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HubSpot CRM: Features

HubSpot CRM is an extensive platform that is designed to smoothly integrate with a wide range of sales and marketing platforms. 

The platform offers a lot of seamless features which include:

  1. An extensive range of email templates
  2. Make and record sales calls, schedule tasks, send emails, tasks assigned to a sales representative inside HubSpot CRM smoothly
  3. Email tracking for both automated and customized email campaigns
  4. The task of reviving cold leads is simplified through automatic email publications, sales notes, and recorded calls to the unique timeline of contact easily
  5. Automated contact logging and updating customer deals and sales activities information
  6. Sales pipeline in the form of a dashboard
  7. Integrated lead management system with email sequencing and call & meeting scheduling
  8. Storage of unlimited contacts and company’s data

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So, without any further ado, let’s roll. 

#1. Free & Easy to Use

There are countless software and tools out there that are free but offer limited functionality. The feature of limited functionality makes it hard to get the most out of them. 

However, with HubSpot CRM, it is not the same. The platform offers a wide range of features, eventually making it easy to use. Any company can use this tool, customize it for their business, and integrate it as they like. 

Therefore, instead of spending time on learning the tool, invest your time in enhancing your sales productivity, and customizing your business without digging a deep hole in your pockets. 

#2. Real-Time Updates 

Most of the companies using CRM suffer because they fail to get real-time updates due to which they lose their customers. Do you also face similar challenges? If yes, then do not worry because HubSpot CRM will help you out in reaching out to the leads in a better way. 

One of the best things about HubSpot CRM is that the real-time updates synchronize after every 10 minutes, ensuring your sales team that they are using real-time updates and can reach out to the leads confidently. 

#3. Social Media Integration 

More than 59% of global consumers prefer using social media to inspire individuals to make a purchase. Therefore, it becomes essential to manage social media to reach potential customers, and you must know that the more information you gather, the easier it becomes to keep the individuals engaged. 

Are you wondering about how to make this cumbersome process easy? Well, do not worry!!

HubSpot CRM system has a social media integration feature that helps you connect to many social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and take out useful details from various profiles. Thus, it enables you to reach the target audience without spending a penny. 

All the information is automatically stored in your inbox, which further assists you in sending emails and turning a contact into a potential customer. 

So, you can up your sales game by connecting with the right person at the right time through the social media integration feature of HubSpot CRM. 

#4. Website Integration 

While the free version of HubSpot CRM comes with a lot of features, there are a number of premium add-ons. One of those premium features is website integration. 

This feature lets you know when a visitor comes on your website and about the services which they are interested in. Moreover, there is a notification feature that enables you to know about the visitors and take instant action. Thus, allowing you to convert the visitor into a lead and maintain a good customer relationship with them. 

This is not it. Once you integrate your website with HubSpot CRM, you will be able to get to know about the activities of the individuals who are already in talks. 

#5. Unlimited Customization

Most of the CRM comes with annoying customization limits, making it difficult for an individual to accomplish their tasks as per the business needs. With HubSpot CRM, it all comes easy. 

You can customize anything and everything without any hassle. Analyzing reports, tracking deals, managing pipelines, etc. can be done in no time. So, if you want to enhance the sales process without any time limitations, then HubSpot will help you do the same at best. 

#6. Easy Tracking of Communications

Managing data and tracking communications is not an easy job. It calls for the proper time and management skills, and since the process is cumbersome, most of the salespersons fail at it. Well, if you too are suffering due to such a complicated process, then you need not worry.

With HubSpot CRM, you can keep track of all the communications easily. 

The platform enables you to send emails to the prospects directly and keep track of the same. You can also quickly know whether the recipient has opened them or not. Besides this, you can keep track of the phone calls, which will make it easy for you to interact again in less time. 

So, by using HubSpot CRM, you can keep track of the communication quickly. 

#7. Marketing Automation Integration 

One of the best things about using HubSpot CRM is that you can make marketing and sales efforts go hand in hand and effortlessly communicate with each other. 

It connects easily with the marketing system that makes it easy for the organizations to record each and every interaction done with the contact. Whenever an individual visits any landing page or opens up a marketing email, their data gets stored in one central location automatically. 

This will not only help you to nurture leads but also saves time, which otherwise would be wasted in getting the details of an individual.

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When it comes to the sales world, the field in which people sell doesn’t even matter because any sales professional can tell you about how competitive the sales world is. So, if you don’t stay a step ahead, you are on the verge of losing it all. 

Thus, it becomes more important to use a CRM that integrates with the entire website, keeps track of all communications happening, blends well with the marketing system, and provides real-time updates. 

Now, selecting the best CRM not only up your sales game but also assist you in managing the data and building good relationships with customers. Well, this is what HubSpot does. 

So, whenever you select a CRM, make sure it offers the feature of data tracking and management, integration with website, marketing system, and social media- everything that HubSpot has. So, why look for any other CRM platform when you have got it all in HubSpot. 

If you still have any queries about HubSpot CRM, feel free to ask in the comment box below. Also, if you have already got your hands on HubSpot CRM, you may share your experience below.

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